BICS' Solutions Suite


The time to unlock the full potential of your business is now.

We have the tools to differentiate your voice, data, messaging, roaming, security, analytics or virtual network offering in the face of dramatic market shifts. Discover how our suite of strategic telecoms solutions can accelerate your business transformation, innovation, engagement, and reach.


Bridging traditional and
next generation Voice experiences

Solutions for interconnecting traditional and new ecosystems or launching new high-definition services. read more

Maximise the value of
Mobile Data

Our data solutions stimulate usage, ensure end-user satisfaction and control costs. read more

New growth and revenue streams
with the power of SMS

Achieve worldwide reach and low latency messaging via BICS’ extensive network of direct routes. read more

Become an essential travel partner
for Roaming customers

Establish and expand your international roaming coverage easily with our suite of services. read more

Real-time Protection from
telecoms Fraud and Authentication

Verify customers’ identity and safeguard your revenue with our fraud-prevention and authentication services. read more

Insight to improve
customer experience and profitability

Take a deep dive into your consumers’ preferences and increase loyalty based on real-time insight. read more


We offer turn-key Global IoT connectivity solutions that offer an API-based pay-as-you-grow model for companies looking to integrate connected devices into their business, control and monetize them. read more