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As a leading international communications enabler, BICS is connecting the world by creating reliable and secure mobile experiences anytime, anywhere. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the traditional telecoms world and new unconventional communications service providers across the globe.


We are a global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services worldwide. Our solutions are essential for supporting the modern lifestyle of today’s device-hungry consumer – from global mobile connectivity, seamless roaming experiences, fraud prevention and authentication, to global messaging and the Internet of Things. 

We are headquartered in Brussels, with a strong presence in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East. We have regional offices in Bern, Madrid, Dubai, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, a satellite office in Beijing and local representation in Accra, Cape Town, Miami, Montevideo, Nairobi and Toronto.

We are a pioneer into the future of next generation communications and have achieved a series of World’s Firsts successes with the launch of the first LTE Roaming relation or the first VoLTE International call between Europe and Asia, to name a few. With a diverse and multicultural team of 570+ employees, we continuously strive to provide customers with the highest level of quality, reliability and interoperability, enabling them to maximize their end-user value.

Our mission

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Our Milestones


Creation of Carrier & Wholesale business unit @ Belgacom

2000 - 2003

A global player is born. Offices are opened in Asia Pacific, America and the Middle East.

2001 - 2004

BelgacomICS goes mobile. Soon 100 mobile operators are connected.


Spin-off & JV with Swisscom.


Strategic partnerships with Omantel and MTN & launch of VoIP.


GRX leader with over 100 customers connected.


Joint venture with MTN ICS & launch of HomeSend, the first global mobile money hub.


Full deployment of roaming suite of services & Belgacom ICS becomes BICS.


BICS enables world's first international LTE roaming relations & concludes a partnership with MasterCard for HomeSend.


Launch of IPoSAT services and taking the leadership in LTE roaming with 150+ operators connected


World First VoLTE E2E International Call Europe – Asia


BICS enables the IoT with seamless cross-border functionality


State-of-the-art Fraud Prevention and Mobile Authentication solutions


BICS launches Cloud Numbers as a Service