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Protecting Mobile Operators from Telecoms Fraud

BICS Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire TeleSign Corporation

BICS Enables Intenet of Things for MiFi Providers

BICS partners with Hanhaa for launch of cross border parcel tracking service – ParceLive

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Protecting Mobile Operators from Mobile Data Fraud

About 23 million MMS go through our network every year

We offer solutions to prevent fraud

We enable 4G Data Roaming

We block fraudulent call attempts.

We are a world leading voice carrier

Our network is very extensive

We take great care of our customers

We offer Global IOT Solutions

We can prevent fraud thanks to crowdsourcing

Our fraud solutions present great advantages

There are different types of Telecom Fraud...

We estimated the scale of Telecom Fraud...

We can help monetize Data Roaming