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Mobile operators faced over 10 million fraudulent call attempts during the first quarter of 2016
Thursday, 26 May, 2016

BICS, a global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services, today announced its crowdsourcing fraud prevention platform, FraudGuard, detected and blocked more than 10 million fraudulent call attempts on its customers’ networks during the first three months of 2016. FraudGuard enables wireless operators to proactively protect against fraud on their network. By crowdsourcing details of suspicious network activity across BICS’ global customer base, the platform is able to identify and block activity to known fraud destinations. Its comprehensive fraud database now contains over 400,000 numbers around the world associated with criminal activity.

BICS enables next generation data roaming with over 325 mobile operators across the globe
Thursday, 21 January, 2016

LTE roaming is now available in 126 countries worldwide

BICS, a global leader in wholesale carrier services, today announced a 70% increase in the number of countries adopting LTE roaming in the last year, with availability now in 126 countries worldwide. Through the BICS IPX (IP exchange) platform, its operator customers can now offer their subscribers high quality data roaming with over 325 operators around the world.

During 2015, LTE roaming has been launched in countries such as the USA, Italy, Morocco, Iceland and the Seychelles. Carriers launching these next generation services enable their customers, and inbound visitors roaming onto their networks, access to the highest quality data services through either direct connections or peering agreements.

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