Global travel and mobility are skyrocketing, you must provide your subscribers with the same high-quality mobile experience whether they are at home or overseas, and whether they are making voice calls, sending texts or using data services. What’s more, you need to stimulate roaming usage through innovative bundling and offers tailored to user preferences.

At the same time there is a massive explosion of devices requiring mobile data connectivity anywhere, anytime for Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. Your enterprise customers are looking to mobile operators to provide a one-stop solution that provides their devices with connectivity no matter where they go.


Quickly create a unique roaming offer without complex procedures, commercial and technical agreements!

BICS offers a unique and innovative suite of roaming services to simplify, expand and enhance your international roaming coverage instantly. Offer immediate access to more than 770 mobile networks worldwide from 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and CAMEL for consumers and IoT applications. Choose from a suite of value-added services to stimulate usage, and replicate the home service experience abroad. 


Our roaming solution serves 220 mobile operators and 1.2 billion consumers and IoT devices around the world. 


Simplify and accelerate roaming services with immediate access to our global network. In a matter of weeks, support your customers in over 159 countries and connect to over 770 mobile operators with BICS Instant Roaming. One single connection, one invoice and one single point of contact. read more

Optimise your roaming business. Streamline your processes, expand your footprint, increase revenues and enhance your services with the BICS Open Connectivity Roaming Hub. Access a world-class hubbing solution that connects you to all the international roaming and interworking services you need. read more


An innovative wide range of Roaming Value Added Services powered by a cluster of telco-grade servers hosted within BICS network. read more