Upgrade your voice business with one of the world’s top three voice providers. Whether your goal is to modernise your offering through cloud-based services, interconnect different ecosystems or enter the market for the first time – our proven solutions will enable you to get the best out of voice.

Bridging traditional and next generation voice experiences

Voice telecoms services are undergoing disruptive technological change. Future-proof your offering and launch the innovative services that are vital for staying ahead. Launch or upgrade your voice business quickly and efficiently with our state-of-the-art services and support.

From interconnecting your traditional portfolio with new ecosystems, to helping you launch new high-definition services, we take you into the future of voice.

Maintain the momentum of your core telecom voice business or innovate through non-traditional voice services with our range of best-in-class solutions. Trusted by companies in the mobile ecosystem including mobile operators, virtual network operators, IT companies and more from all over the world. 


Upgrade your voice business with one of the world’s top three voice providers.


The very best international voice routing service running over IP based infrastructure. BICS’ FirstClass VoIP offers you the best-in-class solution to transport your VoIP originated traffic via high quality routes with minimal Transcoding. Our First Class VoIP routing takes into account the nature of your VoIP traffic and at the same time assures maximum end-to-end quality and optimum SIP Signalling transparency. read more

Reliable and constant high-quality offering, using a minimal number of hubs, via extensive direct interconnections. read more


A fundamentally different VoIP hubbing solution for the IPX centric world. read more


Cloud, Toll-free & Mobile Numbers that are easy to Order, Manage and Troubleshoot. read more


The service has been fully tested on commercially available devices and live LTE networks. read more