Agile SP, a leading internet services provider headquartered in South Africa, needed to scale up its global connectivity infrastructure to service its growing customer base. They required high quality IP Transit to connect their customers in South Africa with Europe and Asia with high Quality of Service.


Single, scalable global solution

Agile SP wanted to be able to scale capacity into different markets as their business expanded, through a single global partnership.

Network reliability and resilience

Low latency and redundant network connectivity were essential for Agile SP to deliver mission-critical traffic reliably and securely.

High volumes of traffic

With a large volume of priority traffic needing transportation across the world, Agile needed to deliver 99.999% uptime. With a growing customer base, the solution also needed to seamlessly accommodate the increase in traffic volume.

Agile SP connectivity infrastructure


The BICS IP Transit solution with direct, low-latency connections to Europe and Asia, enables Agile SP to support customers with highly reliable and scalable connectivity, transporting traffic via high-quality routes with built-in redundance and low jitter, to guarantee the delivery of its SLAs.

A single global partnership also means that Agile SP can streamline its own operations, with the added benefit of being able to scale up into other locations as needed.

connectivity infrastructure BICS

The benefits of working with BICS

High speed connections

Direct routes to major destinations, thanks to BICS’ capacity on cable systems both on the west coast and east coast of Africa, enabled Agile SP to deliver low-latency, high quality internet connectivity to its customers for any use case.

Resilience and guaranteed performance

BICS’ carrier-grade network infrastructure with redundant connectivity minimizes network downtime while allowing any network failures to be quickly detected and remediated, without affecting the user experience.

Ease of scalability

The BICS global network footprint with 140 points of presence allows Agile SP to easily and rapidly scale its capacity as its business grows.

High Quality of Service

BICS provides expert support and a dedicated account team at all stages, from the onboarding phase to using the IP Transit service.

connectivity infrastructure capacity

BICS has enhanced our IP Transit offering by adding real value. This is quite evident in our growing wholesale customer base that covers Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town in South Africa. Since partnering with BICS, our wholesale customer base has seen significant growth. BICS is a reliable trustworthy partner that allowed us to expand our global reach with our IP Transit services.”

Dean Pillay CEO of Agile SP


About Agile SP

Agile Solutions Provider is a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor, an Internet Service Provider based in South Africa. As a Tier 1 IP Transit aggregator, they enable local and regional Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), Content and Cloud Providers through their vastly interconnected global footprint of tier 1 providers.

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