Expanding the global footprint of BICS’ virtual phone numbers

| 2 mins read

Cloud communications has evolved dramatically in recent years. The market has ballooned in size, more than doubling from a valuation made by Allied Market Research in 2014 to a staggering $555 billion in 2020.

Companies around the world, and of all shapes and sizes, are moving key services and infrastructure to virtualized environments at a faster rate than before, driving new efficiencies and productivity while also saving on CAPEX costs. There is no doubt that businesses will continue this transition towards cloud-based solutions and services in the coming years, and at the heart of that growth are virtual phone numbers.

Whether it’s a global company looking to expand their local presence in new countries or a local business taking advantage of the flexibility offered by cloud communications, they both require a mix of local, toll-free, and mobile numbers to drive growth and support the needs of their customers.

Meeting demand worldwide

In response to this growing trend, BICS is steadily expanding its virtual numbers footprint. We currently offer number ranges for 120 countries around the world, and we have now expanded our virtual numbers support to several new markets:

Russia and Latvia: BICS now offers mobile numbers in the region, with full support for SMS and voice.

Ethiopia: Toll-free numbers can now be ordered via the BICS self-service portal, making it quick and easy for businesses to add a local point of presence.

Netherlands: Our existing offering in the region has been expanded to allow for real-time cloud number provisioning. New numbers can be ordered at a moment’s notice and include support for a range of additional area codes.


USA: Virtual numbers available in the United States will be enabled for voice, SMS and emergency calling.

Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg : Local Numbers with emergency calling and two-way voice capabilities

Advancing cloud communications

Across the BICS network we offer a range of toll-free, local, mobile and virtual numbers that are easy to order, manage, and troubleshoot.

With support for more than 8,000area codes across more than 120 points of presence, the ability to provision new numbers in real time, and 24×7 proactive fraud prevention to mitigate risk, BICS offers the international footprint necessary to deliver on demand for virtual phone numbers both today and in the future.

Get in touch to find out more about how the BICS virtual numbers platform can enhance your cloud communications offering.