The present and future of business messaging: Putting A2P SMS to work

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The humble SMS is like a chameleon. It’s changed colors in recent years to fit its adapting environment and has reached a point where traffic for its application-to-person (A2P) type has skyrocketed.

As global companies strive for deeper customer and employee engagement and roll out omnichannel offerings, A2P SMS has become the growth vehicle behind business messaging. In fact, even as other A2P messaging technologies join the fray, Juniper predicts that 90 per cent of A2P traffic will be attributable to SMS over the next five years. This is driven largely by the ubiquitous nature and high engagement rate that SMS offers.

Delivering on messaging demand

It’s clear that A2P SMS isn’t going anywhere soon. If anything, it’s bolstering its position at the heart of the business messaging landscape and as the default medium for marketing communications, employee engagement and ARN (alert, reminder, and notification) messages used across healthcare, banking, tourism, and many other sectors.

However, as with the ongoing growth of any communications technology, delivering on demand depends on working with a provider that can offer the flexibility and scale necessary to not only meet today’s need but also the evolving needs of businesses in the future.

For A2P SMS, this means a messaging partner that has global reach and links to operators worldwide. With reliable two-way SMS exchange, and one-to-many SMS delivery to over 1,000 operators in more than 180 countries, BICS can deliver this. BICS’ network carries 15 billion international messages each year and also offers the enhanced functionality necessary for any communications provider to deliver a comprehensive business messaging solution.

Enhanced functionality as standard

As part of the BICS cloud communications product suite, our messaging platform takes the headache out of regulatory compliance by handling sender ID management, content checks, and anti-spam rules. It also provides traffic optimization and a back-up routing system to ensure the highest possible rate of delivery, in addition to an in-built SMS firewall to protect revenues, tackle messaging fraud, and protect business reputations.

For UCaaS, CCaaS, and other providers looking to enhance the customer experience and support business demand for advanced A2P SMS functionality, BICS offers a one-stop shop solution and API set to deliver on the current business messaging growth opportunity and set the foundations for capitalizing on its future potential.

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