Work with a world-class team for a world-leading company – BICS is hiring!

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BICS is a world leader in connectivity and communications, with a world-class team of innovative individuals. And we’re looking to add to that team.

A number of opportunities are currently available, including data scientists, engineers and architects. We’re looking for technical skills and sector expertise, but we also provide a wealth of training and on-the-job learning opportunities, helping to develop the talents of every individual.

We value commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and innovation, and we’re committed to delivering challenging, supportive, dynamic and stimulating career opportunities to all of our team members.

Interested? Here are a few of the things you can expect from a career at BICS:

Work with a company which has shaped (and is driving) global communications:
  • BICS has over 20 years’ experience in the communications sector, and is at the heart of the connectivity ecosystem – we work with all the world’s major operators and digital service providers
  • We’re at the forefront of connectivity innovation – BICS established the world’s first 4G roaming relationship, the first international VoLTE call, and the first intercontinental 5G roaming service
  • We recognised the importance of (and invested in) emerging markets far earlier than our competitors: BICS went into Asia in 2000, Dubai in 2004, and we’ve been providing services to Africa for over 17 years
Work with the most advanced and extensive infrastructure:
  • BICS’ extensive network infrastructure and broad product portfolio mean our team is enabling the global mobility of over five billion mobile subscribers, applications in more than 150 countries, and more than 150 million connected ‘things’.
  • Our network spans over 180 countries and incorporates 330,000km of cable, 25 sea cables, 140 data centres as well as satellite links
  • We operate the world’s largest IPX and signalling network and carry over half of the world’s data roaming traffic and a quarter of all roaming traffic
  • We serve over 2,000 customers, and our network carries about 24 billion minutes and 15 billion messages every year
Work with a fantastic group of people:
  • BICS is a global company in terms of our footprint, reach, outlook, customer base, and workforce – 52 different nationalities are represented in our 600-strong team, spread between our Brussels HQ and 16 other locations across the world
  • We foster a creative and innovative mindset based on our diversity, ambition and passion
  • We’re a socially responsible organisation and follow ethical values, while actively supporting several social projects
  • Our state-of-the-art technology, generous benefits package and flexible working options have resulted in high retention rates and, according to Clémentine Fournier, Regional Vice President Africa, “a close-knit and collaborative atmosphere among colleagues – many of us meet also after work for social activities, and some have even met at BICS and gone on to get married! All this makes our team keen to stay part of the ‘BICS family’.”
Work with a collaborative player:
  • BICS believes there’s strength in numbers. We work closely with other industry players to drive positive change in the communications industry
  • Our CEO Daniel Kurgan is Chair of the GLF Fraud Working Group, shining a light on an under-reported issue and sharing insight and resources to mitigate telecoms fraud
  • We’re working to bridge the divide between the traditional telecoms and digital comms ecosystems, uniting experience, technologies and services to support the growth of both economies

We’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch to find out more about our company, our team, our values, and what we can offer you and your career.

A selection of opportunities can be found below:

Datacenter & Network Architect

Hadoop Data Architect

Java Software Engineer

Lead Data Scientist

Network & Systems Engineer – Mobile Core

Network and Services Data Engineer

Network Automation Architect

Senior Process Manager

Splunk Administrator

and many others on our Careers portal! Join us now!