Remote Peering

Remote Peering is a part of the Capacity Internet Access portfolio. It provides one-stop-shop international peering from any BICS PoP to major internet exchanges, with the optional ability to split the capacity into parts and route it in different directions. BICS covers all contractual details and provides a full solution, meaning customers would have only one contractual party and one-stop-shop billing.

Remote Peering gives you a unique opportunity to access a broad community of networks all over the world, via single or multiple interconnection points with BICS.

Remote Peering Services

Connections from the customer location to an internet exchange are provided over the BICS Ethernet transport network (Ethernet over SDH, Ethernet over MPLS, and Ethernet over Wavelength). However, BICS can also provide services for SDH driven customers.

There is no need for customers to invest in infrastructure, neither is there a need for them to negotiate with internet exchanges or housing/ colocation facilities on any legal issues.

Depending on the exact customer needs, BICS can provide connectivity – via shared or dedicated ports – from 100Mb up to 100GB. BICS can also provide simultaneous interconnections with different internet exchanges via single or multiple interconnections with a customer.

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