CONTEST RULES for media campaign

Art. 1 Terms of the game

These regulations set out the conditions of the contest organized by BICS SA. Participants are expected to know the content of these regulations. Participation in the game presupposes that participants unconditionally accept these rules. No dispute in this matter will be taken into account.

Art. 2 Course of the game and award of the prize

The contest runs from 7th March to 6th September 2018 included.

Only online entry forms which are duly completed and received before the end of the competition will be taken into account.

The prize consists of one iPad (32 Gb). It is must be accepted as such. The prize may under no circumstances be exchanged for other products or cash. The prize is personal and cannot be transferred.

Winners will be notified by e-mail. In the absence of reaction within 1 month (6th October 2018), the winners lose their right to the prize.

Art. 3 Conditions of participation

The contest is open to everyone who is registered to the BICS dedicated landing page with the exception of:

– BICS representatives and staff members;

– the members who participated in the organization of the game;

– members of the household and the family up to the third degree of the aforementioned excluded people.

BICS may likewise exclude a person from the competition at any time in the event of non-compliance with one or more of the conditions of this Regulation or in case of abuse (eg. participation by means of a script, etc.), fraud or participation in bad faith.

Art. 4 Identification

The identity of the participant is defined on the basis of the data provided by this latter.

BICS cannot be held liable if the identification of a participant is impossible due to incorrect or incomplete data communicated by this latter.

The use of false data leads to the exclusion of the participant.

The winning participant explicitly accepts the publication of his/her name, without however claiming any compensation other than the prize.

Art. 5 Responsibility

BICS is not responsible for any damage, physical injury, accident or death that may result from obtaining the prize and / or participation in the game.

BICS shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, material, immaterial or tangible damages that may arise from the use of the prize. In this case, the winner must contact the manufacturer of the prize.

BICS is not responsible for possible failures of the post and / or delivery companies (delay, damage, strike, loss or other) when sending the prize, if the prize could not directly be handed over during the IoTtech event.

BICS cannot be held responsible if the contest must be modified, suspended or cancelled due to force majeure or circumstances beyond its control.

BICS cannot be held responsible for technical problems of any kind or for communication problems.

In the case of competitions via the internet: any participation in the competition implies acceptance of the characteristics which are specific to the Internet, in particular technical capabilities and the time required for consultation, questioning, transferring information, interruption and more specifically the risks inherent in any connection to / transmission via the Internet, the absence of protection of certain data against possible theft and the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the Internet. No complaint may be filed at BICS side concerning these restrictions.

Art. 6 Protection of privacy

The personal data participants send to BICS will be saved in the BICS databases (rue Lebeau, 4, 1000 Brussels). All data will be processed in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy or any successor legislation. They will be used in the context of the game and may also be used to inform participants on products and services of BICS. Participants can contact the customer service for free if they wish to consult and / or improve their data or if they no longer wish to receive business information.

Art. 7 Surveillance, Complaints and Procedures

BICS monitors the proper course of the competition.
Written or oral information will in no case be provided.
Any complaint concerning this competition must be sent in writing, no later than 10 calendar days after the end of the competition, to the following address: BICS S.A., rue Lebeau 4 -1000 Brussels, Belgium – to the attention of the Marketing Department.
In case of disputes, the courts of Brussels are competent. This contest is subject to Belgian law.

All rights reserved, BICS, 06.03.2018

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