EasyConnect SMS

EasyConnect SMS is the easy connection to the world for SMS service providers and gateways

EasyConnect SMS from BICS is an automated SMS termination solution designed to meet the needs of SMS service providers.
It allows them to address any type of SMS termination need by leveraging one of the biggest networks of direct routes and a world leading SMS hub.
Making the most of 370+ direct connections to mobile operators in a total of 800+ destinations, BICS can offer high quality termination with the best best quality-price ratio.


  • Global coverage with 800+ destinations

  • Fast way to interconnect via Simple SMPP or IPSec

  • Compatibility with other BICS solutions (EasyConnect VoIP)

  • Prepayment via bank transfer

  • Weekly updated price lists

  • Straight forward per SMS charging

  • Real-time online reporting on prepaid balance and traffic volumes through MyBICS customer portal

  • Long-term, stable routing

  • Best possible cost-quality ratio


EasyConnect VoIP is the solution we were looking for: Excellent quality and good prices. Making the most of one of the widest A-Z routing networks, it provides stable termination services. One more advantage: quick interconnection!



EasyConnect offers an exceptional mix of high quality termination with competitive rates all around. Responsive customer service and tech support are also included; altogether, making EasyConnect the best of breed.


Elite Facilities Management

As a Boutique carrier for voice traffic supplying global wholesale carriers, our company is always looking for strong partners with excellent solutions. EasyConnect VoIP has allowed us to interconnect with the world’s number 4 voice carrier: BICS. Fast and easy interconnection, wide choice of direct routes, and great prices for such good quality.

Get connected and start sending traffic within days

Getting started with EasyConnect SMS is fast and simple. Sign up now and benefit from the highest quality and most cost-efficient network!

Receive a welcome pack email including prices lists of the day (First Class/Business Class ; Euro/USD), c copy of the contract with general terms and conditions, and the EasyConnect SMS order form.

Send the signed contract and completed order form back to us. Once received, we start the provisioning of your service.

When our technical department has completed the interconnection, you will receive an “In Service” mail, with details on how to access the management platform “MyBICS” and detailed technical information.

When your first deposit has been recorded by our financial service, we open access to our routes, and you can start sending your traffic.

Get started now

Getting started with EasyConnect SMS is fast and simple. Sign up now and benefit from the highest quality and most cost-efficient network!

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