SMART Webvision

The telecommunications landscape today is paved with challenges for mobile operators. Ever increasing competition from traditional and non-traditional service providers is creating pressure on operator’s margins. Stricter regulations and a lower tolerance among subscribers for service impacting issues demand a higher quality service.

To ensure Quality of Service for human and machine roamers, operators  need to effectively leverage the wealth of information that can be garnered from network and user generated data. In response to this clearly defined need, BICS has developed SMART Webvision; an advanced, end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence tool.

Key Features

  • Near real time information

  • View per operator or an aggregated view of the entire group of operators

  • Time zone conversion support

  • Unique and user-friendly user interface

  • One source of actual and historical information on roaming activities

  • Easy access with one click through the MyBICS customer portal

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Why choose BICS for SMART Webvision?

SMART (Subscriber Monitoring and Advanced Reporting Tool) is a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly web-based tool that provides you with a detailed view of the performance of your roaming relations across 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

SMART enables you to better manage the experience of roamers, both inbound and outbound, by leveraging insights gained from a suite of business, network and subscriber intelligence reports.

Fully hosted and modular, SMART also minimizes the total cost of ownership for advanced network visibility and reporting capabilities. Avoiding costs associated with hardware, software, support and maintenance, operators can gradually build their reporting capabilities one module at a time in a cost-effective framework.

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