Capacity Transport

BICS’ global transport network provides carriers and communication service providers with point to point data services and access to the IPX community. Through our international partner network, BICS is not only able to deliver capacity between major data centers, but also up to any street address in 70+ countries.

Transport Services

BICS’ Wavelength services offer high-capacity point-to-point connectivity over our European DWDM network transparently and independently of the upper protocol transported. Through a fully meshed network, BICS offers speeds of 1, 2.5, 10 and 40 Gbps, and features such as protection, rerouting option, upgrades and restoration, and liquid bandwidth.

BICS’ Wholesale Bandwidth provides customers with transmission capacity between two cities through a star configuration. Local loops from experienced partners can be used when necessary. Wholesale Bandwidth circuits are delivered on BICS’ worldwide SDH network and capacity can range from E1 to STM-64. Furthermore, protection and redundancy schemes are available depending on your needs.

With Ethernet becoming a truly worldwide standard interface for international connectivity services, BICS offers a solution that exceeds the benefits of Ethernet technology by enabling the creation of a single next generation and multi-service Wide Area Network. It transports voice, video and data traffic reliably, conveniently and economically. BICS’ Carrier Ethernet solution is supported by a variety of physical interfaces, port speeds, bandwidth options, CoS policies, connectivity topologies, flat based billing and SLAs tailored to our customers’ requirements. The Carrier Ethernet architecture is agnostic to the underlying technology used, and can be implemented over a DWDM, NG-SDH or MPLS platform.

BICS’ VTN On-net solution allows mobile operators to interconnect with one or more BICS community members via the BICS transport network facility (i.e. virtual patching) without any additional physical patches or “local tails”.

  • Flexible contracts: short and long term
  • Fast and easy activation
  • Special low-pricing scheme with minimal CAPEX
  • Using existing interconnections with BICS

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  • IRU or lease model ensuring a best fit with your needs
  • Framework based, on-net pricing
  • Dedicated service manager

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Why choose BICS for Capacity services?

BICS owns a 100 Gbps capable optical network with OTN layer covering all major data centers and IP exchanges in Europe. Our international network includes direct connections to 100+ countries, capacity on 25+ submarine cables with 200 landing points, participation in the Intelsat and Eutelsat satellite systems, and hundreds of bilateral agreements with other operators. We offer additional redundant capacity between Europe and Asia via the EIG (Europe India Gateway) cable system through our partner Omantel.

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