BICS SIP Trunking

Fast interconnection to your cloud based services

Multi-channel communications | reduced costs

Replace your traditional PSTN telephony system with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking services. SIP Trunking can save you up to 50% on your global telecoms bills. Transform your telecoms operation with scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

The future of communication is already here. Can you afford to be left behind?

Deliver voice and data communications via a single global infrastructure

Connect your cloud to fixed and mobile networks around the world

Rationalise telecoms infrastructure and equipment

Learn how to add value to your cloud comms strategy with SIP Trunking

Is SIP Trunking right for you?

Multinational, multi-site organizations

  • Keep your phone numbers even when moving offices

  • Quickly on-board new teams or branches

  • Simplify and centralize your communications infrastructure

Unified Communications support

  • Integrate multi-channel communications

  • Handle conference calls, video, voice calls over a single SIP Trunk

  • Scale capacity up and down as needed

Overhaul customer service

  • Consolidate and interconnect your contact centers

  • Support your omnichannel strategy

  • Handle up to 10,000 calls over a single SIP Trunk

The BICS benefits

Unified infrastructure and best-in-class service delivery from one of the world’s top voice and mobile data service providers.
  • Order and provision local numbers anywhere in the world in real-time to scale your business
  • Transport calls to any global destination over the BICS international voice network
  • Instantaneously scale your business in response to local call volumes
  • Access emergency services in compliance with local regulations, without needing a fixed line
  • Enjoy the best customer support in the business
  • Seamlessly migrate and port your existing local numbers
  • Guaranteed hardware compatibility

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