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Connectivity is at the heart of most communications today. Get instant access to the world with infrastructure that delivers data, connectivity, capacity and reach. Boost your data offering with our intelligent data services that stimulate usage, ensure end-user satisfaction and control costs.

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In a fiercely competitive and price-sensitive data market, stimulating usage is key for improved revenues and margins. This means you need to offer ubiquitous high-speed connectivity and data, combined with attractive and personalised packages to satisfy your discerning consumers.

Deliver the data and connectivity your customers demand with our high-speed network, no matter what your connectivity or service requirements.

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Capture the value of the mobile data era and enhance your offering with our data-boost solution. Deployed by companies large and small to optimise data traffic, reduce costs, drive usage and develop a profitable future-proof business model. Manage and control your roamers’ data usage while increasing trust and generating new revenue streams.

Mobile Data Services

LTE Signalling

To reduce the complexity of implementing LTE, BICS is offering a full suite of services allowing fast and easy roll-out of LTE, seamless 2G/3G/4G worldwide roaming experiences and interoperability with other networks. LTE Signalling enables operators to establish their global Diameter connectivity with all roaming partners through one single redundant set up with BICS’ Diameter Proxies.

IPX Transport

The IPX Transport solution is a fully GSMA compliant transport service, providing a closed and secure community of trusted mobile and fixed IP networks. Any operator can connect to our IPX network, including Mobile Operators, MVNO’s, MVNE’s, Fixed Network Operators, ISP’s and ASP’s, and become part of a private cloud, facilitating access to Next Generation IP based hubbing services.

IP Transit

Fixed and Mobile operators require a reliable and well-interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the highest voice end-user experience. Operators seek a reliable and constant high quality offering, using a minimal number of hubs, via extensive direct interconnections. This high end-user experience is a key differentiator and delivers minimum churn and maximum ARPU.

Data Roaming Control

Hosted by the BICS IPX and fully managed by our team of experts, Data Roaming Control is a modular suite of services designed to help operators optimise their outbound roaming revenues. Deliver tailored data bundles and campaigns to subscribers instantly and with ease.


Signalling services provide the connectivity that enables roaming and messaging between a mobile operator and its roaming partners.It ensures continuity of service for mobile users by enabling them to make or receive mobile calls, send or receive SMS and use mobile internet while travelling all around the globe.

Carrier Ethernet

With guaranteed bandwidth based on state-of-the-art footprint, starting from 2 Mb up to 10 GB, variable class of service options, Carrier Ethernet enables operators to prioritize and adjust different business needs while providing effective high-speed connections between Customers premises and cloud services.

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World’s First Int’l VoLTE Call (Europe – Asia)

“Providing exceptional quality of experience to customers is of paramount importance to us, and launching International VoLTE was the next logical step we needed to take to enhance our voice offering. The BICS platform enables us to offer services at the highest standards while keeping running costs and bandwidth demands low.”

Laurent Claus
Director Services Platforms & Cloud - Proximus