IPX Transport

The BICS IPX Transport solution is a fully GSMA compliant IPX transport service, providing a closed and secure community of trusted mobile and fixed IP networks.

Virtually any operator can connect to the BICS IPX network, including Mobile Network Operators, MVNOs, MVNEs, Fixed Network Operators, ISPs and ASPs, and become part of a private cloud, facilitating access to Next Generation IP-based hubbing services.

In addition, mobile operators can establish roaming and inter-working with other connected member operators over the BICS IPX transport network.

Why choose BICS for your IPX?

BICS has a long-standing reputation for providing fixed and mobile IP solutions and continues to reinforce its commitment toward an ever-changing technological environment by with a global IPX Transport network.

Today, BICS is at the forefront of data roaming with the largest community of directly connected operator networks on its GRX network. The BICS IPX Transport service will support your move to an “all IP” environment and guarantees the highest quality of service with an end-to-end SLA.

Key Benefits

  • Global IPX leadership with 350+ connected customers

  • High quality of service and SLA offerings supported on our proprietary global IP backbone

  • GSMA & i³ Forum compliant IPX service offering

  • Extensive value-added services portfolio on LTE

  • IPX voice support and LTE-ready (VoLTE)

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