Telecoms Fraud Prevention

Telecoms fraud is a €28 billion-a-year problem that you can’t afford to ignore.

Safeguard your revenue streams with our fraud prevention solutions. Verify your customers’ identity and safeguard your revenue streams with BICS’ fraud prevention and authentication services powered by a global anti-fraud crowdsourcing platform. Provide unmatched

Stay on top of ever-evolving threats and modern security techniques

When it comes to telecoms fraud, the proactive approach can protect your customers and revenues from huge losses. Use our innovative and reliable fraud prevention and authentication services to spot and stop cyber crime and telecoms fraud before they hit your business.

Real-time fraud protection based on global traffic patterns

See the complete picture and detect fraud based on global traffic patterns, including traffic on partner networks, through BICS’ crowdsourcing fraud database. Provide security and peace of mind to your customers and end-users with BICS authentication services.

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BICS Fraud Prevention services

Voice Roaming Firewall

The BICS Voice Roaming Firewall is a pioneering fraud prevention service for mobile operators. It offers customers of BICS roaming services greater control over their outbound roamer traffic to protect their bottom lines and subscribers against fraud.

SMS Firewall

BICS’ SMS Firewall solution provides mobile operators with a safe, spam-free roaming and messaging environment that their subscribers can trust, while reducing complaints due to unsolicited messages. It stops spoofed and faked messages, releases network bandwidth for revenue generating traffic, and prevents content providers from bypassing SMS termination fees.


Fraudguard is a state-of-the-art fraud prevention platform that uses crowdsourced knowledge to deliver proactive feedback to beat telecoms fraud. It analyzes BICS’ global traffic in near real time to get a complete overview of fraudulent traffic trends and allows customers to pro-actively take action and minimize a possible fraud scenario. FraudGuard customers can, in return, enrich the system with fraud details they have detected on their respective networks.

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  • We’ve already blocked more than 1.1 billion fraudulent calls so far
  • We use the crowd to combat telecoms fraud
  • We have saved our customers more than €2.15 billion

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Protection from Telecoms Fraud

"Safeguarding our revenue from fraudulent activity and protecting our customers’ user experience is a major priority at Swisscom. Reinforcing the focus on fraud protection, Swisscom has chosen the innovative FraudGuard service from its long-standing partner BICS’ to help block fraudulent international call attempts, in and out of our network, proactively as an additional benefit to the other functionalities of the solution."

Reto Meier
Fraud Manager at Swisscom

We've already blocked more than 1.1 billion fraudulent calls so far

Using the crowd to combat Telecoms Fraud

Our customers saved over 2.15 billion euro thanks to our solutions