SMS Firewall - protect your network and subscribers from SMS fraud and spam

BICS’ SMS Firewall solution provides mobile operators with a safe spam-free roaming and messaging environment that their subscribers can trust, while reducing complaints due to unsolicited messages. It stops spoofed and faked messages, releases the network bandwidth for revenue generating traffic and prevents content providers from bypassing SMS Terminating fees.

SMS Firewall is available as an SMS anti-fraud solution on top of the BICS Signalling service and protects the client operator network and subscribers against the following SMS fraud cases as defined by GSMA.

SMS Firewall, the ideal SMS anti-fraud solution for mobile operators

Protection includes monitoring of SMS traffic, detection of fraudulent messages, alarming and blocking of fraudulent messages based on criteria defined by the client operator.

Key Features

  • Anti-spamming: block unsolicited SMS messages to a subscriber

  • Anti-flooding: block large amounts of messages to one or more destinations

  • Anti-faking: stop messages where the addresses of the messages are manipulated

  • Anti-spoofing: stop messages using illegally the SMSC of the client operator by manipulating the A-number

It is offered as a hosted service: for each protected customer, BICS runs, operates and maintains a dedicated SMS Firewall instance in its own premises and ensures the appropriate routing of customer SMS traffic to this particular SMS Firewall instance;

It can optionally be offered as a managed service: BICS SMS Fraud experts pro-actively analyse the SMS traffic of the protected Mobile Operator, recommend the most appropriate filtering rules and configure them on their dedicated SMS Firewall instance;

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