SIM for Things, the global connectivity for IoT

One SIM, One platform, One global partner

  • Connectivity in over 200 countries with multi-network mobile coverage in six continents
  • Reliable, high-quality connectivity enabled by BICS’ unique worldwide infrastructure, patented roaming technology and global presence
  • All platform functionalities are available through highly flexible and easy-to-use APIs – we offer over 210 ready-to-use APIs and are constantly adding to our library
  • Greater visibility of device connectivity, usage patterns and quality of service with BICS’ SMART for SIM for Things – track a wide range of parameters to better control any large-scale connected business

Our platform makes global IoT deployments easy

Sign up to our platform and access a fully virtualized international mobile network designed for IoT. Our self-service management portal and user-friendly dashboard make it easy to launch and manage your international IoT devices.

  • Fit for millions of devices with granular control and high operational efficiency
  • Customise global connectivity for each SIM card
  • Tailor your IoT business models
  • Reseller module as an option – everything for your connected business
  • Provide the best support to your internal or external customers, anywhere in the world
  • Extensive real-time monitoring and trouble-shooting tools
  • Entirely programmable global connectivity
  • All platform functionalities are available through easy-to-use and flexible APIs

Ensure service quality of devices globally with real-time visibility

Proactively monitor large global fleets of connected devices, detect connectivity issues or anomalous behavior in real time, and convert this data into powerful and actionable insights with SMART for SIM for Things. Deep dive into all connectivity details of each of your SIMs to enhance quality of service (QoS) and improve customer support.

  • Real-time surveillance of device connectivity – at the global and country level
  • Advanced drill-down to the device level up to call flows
  • User-defined network KPIs to best fit what is critical for your business
  • 30 days of IMSI-level details of all transaction data records (TDRs)
  • 15 months of daily aggregated KPI statistics for each visited network
  • 3 years of monthly aggregated KPI statistics for each visited network
  • Customized usage and QoS alerts and profiling for your connected business
  • One comprehensive source of information on device connectivity via an intuitive user interface

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Top industrial use-cases for IoT


Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve with your Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure technology?

Smart metering

It’s imperative that IoT-enabled meters automatically establish the required operator connections instantly, anywhere in the world, to provide offsite monitoring and integration with other smart building systems.


Are you looking to take your healthcare service into the future with a range of connected devices?


BICS SIM-for-Things is easy to implement for deployments of any scale and enables real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and QoS granular enough to be tuned at the individual level.


Offer more reliable and interconnected options to keep people and their belongings safe, wherever in the world they need protection.

Consumer devices

IoT is transforming every segment of the manufacturing industry, evolving towards a Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model.


IoT can transform the business of insurance providers, enabling real-time data collection and monitoring at a global level for more accurate pricing and settlement and optimising your operating expenses.

Payment terminals

By providing merchant partners with payment terminals that offer secure and reliable connectivity anywhere, banks can use IoT to transform the way they process payments.

Global Asset Tracking

BICS SIM for Things combined with the pallet tracking solution from thethings.IO allows logistics and transportation companies to track their assets during cross-border transportation.

Material Handling Equipment

In an era of Industry 4.0, organizations are under increasing pressure to transform their supply chain operations with end-to-end, automated and digitalized systems.


Underpinned by BICS’ market leading roaming solution, global infrastructure, and an advanced real-time connectivity management platform, BICS SIM for Things enables airlines to secure and manage huge volumes of data anywhere in the world, supported by connected aircraft sensors, terminals and devices.

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