Instant Roaming

Meet the demands of over 1.4 billion consumers travelling around the globe with the same high-quality mobile experience whether at home or overseas. Provide global connectivity for the 309 million connected devices requiring mobile data connectivity round the clock and round the globe.

Do away with the complexity and inefficiencies of the traditional bilateral agreement model of achieving global roaming, needing individual agreements with hundreds of roaming partner networks around the world.

Instant roaming access to 500+ mobile networks across the globe

BICS Instant Roaming provides you with a fast, easy and efficient way to enable global roaming for both consumer and enterprise business. Get instant roaming access to 500+ mobile networks across the globe with one connection, one invoice and one single window covering all your roaming partnerships. BICS Instant Roaming provides access to competitive rates from BICS MNO partners in different regions.

A carrier-grade solution leveraging BICS’ global network infrastructure, BICS Instant Roaming is fully hosted and managed, with no need to invest in customised platforms. Rest assured with the promise of high quality of service reliability and guaranteed international SMS delivery with extensive reach via the BICS SMS hub.

Key features

  • A carrier-grade solution

  • Provides instant access to 770+ Voice networks across the globe

  • Built on proprietary Signaling & GRX networks

  • Compatible with opening bilateral roaming agreements

  • No platform investment required

  • Complements SMS & MMS hubbing

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