Your subscribers have a right to expect highest quality of service no matter where in the world they roam. However, with hundreds of roaming partners, conducting outbound roaming quality control testing is a severe drain on resources.

Reliance on roaming partners to regularly collaborate on required network performance tests is resource-consuming and can be inefficient from an operational perspective given the constraints of specific knowledge, language and time zone barriers to name but a few. It is common for testing difficulties to even delay roll-out and result in missed revenue.

Powered by a network of test probes in 209 countries and access to over 770 networks

BICS’ RoamFast solution automates outbound roaming testing, allowing you to verify the availability and functionality of your roaming services at any time. RoamFast uses a network of test probes in 209 countries, providing access to over 770 networks, all without having to maintain your own system infrastructure. Perform a range of fully reproducible tests compliant with GSMA standards across your partners’ 2G / 3G / 4G networks, including the outbound IREG test, with virtualized SIM cards to overcome resource issues.

The BICS RoamFast solution can be completely customized to your needs: from complete testing and delivering a signed roaming agreement with the desired roaming partners, to generating completed inbound and outbound IRxx documents, TAP CC and launch letters for each roaming relation or service.

BICS’ RoamFast takes the pain out of testing during the roll-out phase to launch any technology with any roaming partner in the world.

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