Data and Financial Clearing

There is enormous complexity in the roaming ecosystem stemming from different operator types, the network technologies they use, the devices running on them and the services that consumers and devices use. To be able to manage this complex ecosystem, it is crucial for back-end management systems to be extremely simple and easy to administer. BICS offers a full suite of clearing services that cover all your processing and clearing needs so that you can focus resources on the important tasks of improving revenues and maintaining margins.

We ensure accurate and efficient recording, processing and reporting of roaming activity to facilitate accurate billing and settlement, compliance and transparent reporting among roaming partners.

Data Clearing services

Our data clearing services are set up for easy creation and exchange of information. Exchange files easily and securely via VPN, and access clearing applications, standardized and customized reports via our online portal. Our data clearing services are compliant with the most recent GSMA TAP and RAP standards for file validation, handling and rejection management, with the ability to convert between TAP releases.

Financial Clearing services

Enjoy transparency and accurate tracking of financial transactions with a holistic view of each stage of the clearing and settlement process. Make more informed financial decisions based on a holistic view from a single consolidated database across data and financial clearing and an online reporting tool to track your daily financial position. Enjoy flexibility with settlement in multiple currencies, operating at group and individual operator level.

NRTRDE and high usage solutions

Protect your revenues from roaming fraud. Gain greater visibility over potential cases of fraud in both inbound and outbound roaming traffic with our NRTRDE and high usage solutions. Fully compliant with the GSMA’s TD.35 specification for NRTRDE, our solutions use standardized and documented processing procedures to ensure maximum liability protection. With online access to data and reporting we offer a solution that delivers results while being easy to integrate and use.

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