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Carriers and operators are actively executing roadmaps to migrate their voice TDM-based infrastructure to a VoIP-based infrastructure. The purpose of this migration is to deliver over time more innovative and high quality voice services towards the market, combined with a higher level of operational efficiency, whilst assuring compatibility with the global legacy TDM infrastructure and today's service quality standards.

BICS’ First Class VoIP offers you the best-in-class solution to transport your VoIP originated traffic via high-quality routes with minimal Transcoding. Our First Class VoIP routing takes into account the nature of your VoIP traffic and at the same time assures maximum end-to-end quality and optimum SIP Signalling transparency.

These are prerequisite to support new VoIP service features. In order to reach destinations where currently high-quality VoIP termination is not yet available, high-quality TDM routes are utilized (BICS’ First Class Mobile Voice foundation) via regionally deployed media gateways. An ‘i³ forum’ compliant application of industry standards ensures seamless interconnection of your infrastructure.

BICS’ First Class VoIP enables you to terminate your VoIP traffic in a transparent way with minimal Transcoding at the highest quality. This allows you to execute your ‘TDM-to-VoIP’ roadmap in the most optimal way assuring you the best competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  • Global coverage and direct routing

  • ‘i³ Forum’ compliance

  • Multi-vendor strategy

  • Multiple access features

  • Local switching

  • CLI guarantee

  • Pre- and Post-payment

  • Online reporting

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  • Leading International Voice Carrier
  • Over 700 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality
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Why Choose BICS

  • Over 600 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality

  • Support of different access types

  • Part of a top-3 international voice carrier's portfolio

  • Advanced and transparent web reporting on traffic and quality

  • Recognized for quality of service

  • 24/7 Customer service

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