IPX Voice

In today’s changing world, mobile operators need to deliver new and better services in a converged and commercially integrated way. It is imperative to adapt interoperator solutions to enable IPX-centric services. When it comes to packet voice interworking services, BICS IPX Voice offers direct, low latency, stable routing, and full service transparency combined with a new and future proof business model.

BICS IPX Voice supports all your requirements in today’s evolving voice market, both technically and commercially. The service enables you to execute your IPX-centric roadmap in optimal co-existence with your evolving business models. This allows you to create a competitive advantage while delivering the highest quality of service for your customers.

Key benefits

  • End-to-end IP coverage

  • Quality assurance: comprehensive IPX QoS management

  • Supports traditional and high-definition voice

  • High-quality direct routes

  • Routing transparency

  • Commercial transparency

  • VoLTE ready

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  • Leading international voice carrier
  • Over 700 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality
  • The expertise of a major player for fastest time-to-market

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Why Choose BICS?

  • Top-3 international voice carrier

  • Leading international mobile services provider

  • GSMA & i3forum compliant IPX service offering

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