Bridging traditional and next-generation voice experiences

Upgrade your voice business with one of the world’s top three voice providers. Whether your goal is to modernize your offering through cloud-based services, interconnect different ecosystems or enter the market for the first time – our proven solutions will enable you to get the best out of your international voice offering.

Future-proof your voice offering

Voice telecoms services are undergoing disruptive technological change. Future-proof your offering and launch the innovative international services that are vital for staying ahead. Launch or upgrade your voice business quickly and efficiently with our state-of-the-art services and support.

From interconnecting your traditional portfolio with new ecosystems, to helping you launch new high-definition services, we take you into the future of voice.

Upgrade your voice business with one of the world’s top voice providers

Maintain the momentum of your core telecom voice business or innovate through non-traditional voice services with our range of best-in-class solutions. Trusted by companies in the mobile ecosystem including mobile operators, virtual network operators, IT companies and more from all over the world.

Voice services

Managed Voice Solutions

Extend your high-quality voice offering to the global stage with an efficient, simplified operating model. Eliminate the complexity of running an international voice business with BICS Managed Voice Solutions’ simplified management and transparent, flexible pricing. Give your subscribers the highest quality of experience with the support of a leading global network and expert support services.

First Class VoIP

Market-leading international voice routing service running over IP-based infrastructure. BICS’ First Class VoIP is the best-in-class solution to transport your VoIP originated traffic via high-quality routes with minimal trans-coding. First Class VoIP routing takes into account the nature of your VoIP traffic and assures end-to-end quality and optimum SIP signaling transparency.

First Class Mobile Voice

High-quality fixed and mobile operators require a reliable and well-interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the best voice end-user experience. This necessitates a reliable and constant high-quality offering, using a minimal number of hubs, via extensive direct interconnections. First Class Mobile Voice enables high Quality of Service, a key differentiator for operators and delivers minimum churn and maximum ARPU.

IPX Voice

In a changing world where customers want new and better services to be delivered in a converged and commercially integrated way, it is imperative to adapt and align inter-operator solutions to enable IPX-centric services. When it comes to packet voice interworking services, the BICS IPX Voice solution offers direct, low latency, stable routing, and full service transparency combined with a new and future-proof business model.


The BICS IPX VoLTE solution includes a service hub built on a highly reliable IPX network to efficiently support VoLTE mobile operators. It offers intelligent routing, commercial transparency, IMS/VoLTE protocol normalization and media transcoding capabilities, which are vital to maintain the high-definition sound quality of VoLTE calls.

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  • Leading international voice carrier
  • Over 700 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality
  • The expertise of a major player for fastest time-to-market

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Proximus VoLTE

“Providing exceptional quality of experience to customers is of paramount importance to us, and launching International VoLTE was the next logical step we needed to take to enhance our voice offering. The BICS platform enables us to offer services at the highest standards while keeping running costs and bandwidth demands low.”

Laurent Claus
Director Services Platforms & Cloud - Proximus

Leading international voice carrier

Over 700 direct routes with the best-in-class service quality

The expertise of a major player for fastest time-to-market

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