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Practical steps for operators to take their roaming business to the next level.

What’s next for roaming? Changing regulations in different parts of the world, increased competition, the adoption of internet-based roaming alternatives and several other complex factors have led to a challenging environment.

At a time when subscriber expectations for Quality of Experience (QoE) and overall demand for data services have reached their highest recorded levels, these factors are making many operators rethink their roaming business.

Fortunately, every new challenge brings with it new opportunities. Traditional roaming revenues may have stagnated, but the next generation of roaming service delivery is here, with new technologies and business models for improving revenues and margins.

This paper presents some practical steps operators can take in order to boost their roaming business for long-term growth.

The roaming business will need to keep pace with the industry as a whole in the move from voice and SMS to data. Operators will therefore have to develop their data roaming offerings to capture this revenue stream, reshaping their roaming business entirely.

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