Connecting people, applications, and devices. Worldwide.

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Connecting people, applications, and devices. Worldwide.


5G roaming traffic soars on BICS’ network

BICS partners with Skylo to deliver ubiquitous NB-IoT connectivity, via GEO satellites

BICS and Cognigy develop AI Agent for customer support in China

The bold tech ecosystem you need to master digitalization​


Connect people

No matter where you, your employees, customers, or partners are, everyone is just a call or a text away. Our robust and reliable network powers communications worldwide.


Connect applications

We live in a world running on software and apps. By 2024, there could be 500 million app downloads daily. Our solutions cleverly merge the platforms you use and enable a seamless user experience for your employees and customers.


Connect devices 

Say goodbye to worrying about your devices crossing borders. Instead, we’ve built a global network you can access with a single signature. Within it, your devices connect automatically anywhere in the world, and you can immediately benefit from your global IoT project. ​

In the event of a disaster, communications need to be quick and reliable – delays of even seconds can change lives. BICS, one of the strongest communications networks in the world, helps us to support organizational resilience in even more communities, businesses, and countries.

Dominic Jones

SVP of Business Development, Partners & Alliances | Everbridge

Since we partnered with BICS in 2019, we have signed many customers in several applications: medical devices, alarm systems, tracking systems, and more. The use cases are vast. BICS and Avnet are looking forward to developing more use cases that will solve big issues in industrial deployment.

Romain Tesniere

Solution Sales, Business Development EMEA | Avnet Silica

With BICS, we successfully addressed the urgent needs of our clients, scaling capacity within days without compromising on Quality of Service. We are now looking to implement more of BICS’ capacity solution suite to keep pace with customer demand for increased bandwidth.

Cornelius Maiyo

Project manager | WIOCC

The breakthrough 5G Standalone roaming connection with BICS and Proximus is the first to offer 5G roaming spanning the widest coverage area across the world. It’s going to bring stc customers exceptional connectivity at high data speeds, and offer them the same 4G and 5G data plans at no additional costs when abroad.

Mohammed N. Al-Nusif

Chief Executive Officer of solutions | stc





Easy access to emerging technologies for enterprises​​

A comprehensive solution to to transform the way your business works, engages, collaborates and connects to the world.
  • cpaas_communication-platform

    Transform your communication capabilities. ​Engage your customers across multiple channels, wherever they are. ​

  • point-to-point-connectivity

    Connect your business to the world. ​

  • customer-engagement

    Protect your business, customers and network.

Telco man talking on his mobile phone about enterprise communication and digital transformation

Get access to the world with comprehensive telecommunications solutions

Diversify your offer and revenue streams with our advanced solutions and data-driven insights. Improve your network performance and deliver experiences your subscribers love.
  • globe_connect

    Innovate and support emerging use cases with 5G, IoT, and cloud communications technology.

  • light-bulb-cog

    Enable seamless roaming and Quality of Experience.

  • data-analytics

    Safeguard every aspect of your business with full control and visibility.

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