Secure international telecommunications​

Safeguard your business and customers from the threat of telecoms fraud​

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​International telecoms fraud is a drain on the industry​

Staying ahead of fraudsters means keeping up to date with all the tools they have at their disposal. The global nature of telecoms networks makes fraud hard to detect and prevent.  ​

  • International telecoms fraud cost telcos on average 2.22% of revenues​ 
  • Two-thirds of all fraud losses are tied to international traffic​
  • New technologies and use cases, such as IoT and A2P SMS, create new attack surfaces for fraudsters to exploit

Real-time fraud prevention

Advanced threat intelligence​

Benefit from the world’s largest threat intelligence database with unrivalled visibility over global attacks

Comprehensive monitoring​

Safeguard every part of your business with 24/ 7 monitoring. We detect fraudulent activity before it can have an impact.

Next-gen technology​

Machine learning algorithms secure your network in near real time from both existing and new types of threats

850 million

fraud attacks proactively blocked

€2.1 billion​

saved for our customers​

14 million​

fraud attempts blocked per quarter


of fraud attempts blocked​


market players providing threat intelligence

24/ 7​


SMS fraud prevention

Shield your business and customers from all types of SMS fraud. From monitoring traffic to blocking fraudulent messages, this protection covers all SMS streams. Stop losing revenue from A2P and P2P SMS bypass.

SMS fraud prevention

Voice fraud prevention​

Secure trust in your business by proactively protecting your networks from fraud on international voice traffic. Our threat intelligence database includes more than 55 million proven fraudulent numbers.

Voice fraud prevention and security

Roaming fraud​

With a global view of traffic in real time, BICS protects your roamers beyond your network boundaries. We offer you increased control over your out-roamers’ activity. Define where they can call based on where they’re roaming from.


IPX security

Access in-depth knowledge of roaming and security to combat the threats to your network. Our approach covers all technologies (SS7, Diameter, and GTP) and provides you with a 360° view, including:

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA), a full audit based on an independent third-party penetration testing
  • Telecom Intrusion Detection System (TIDS), real-time detection of signaling attacks enhanced with firewalls


Powerful and efficient fraud protection​

We combine technology, expertise, and advanced threat intelligence to protect your business and customers.​

Turnkey technology

Our fraud solutions are easy to implement with immediate results. We drastically reduce the fraud run-time, blocking 90-95% of attacks before they even happen.

Specialist knowledge

Stay a step ahead of ever-evolving threats with our cross-domain and cross-service expertise. With our comprehensive 24/ 7 protection, your customers and your reputation are in safe hands.​

Advanced threat intelligence​

Get the full picture with the world’s largest threat intelligence database. We can detect fraud based on global traffic patterns, including traffic on partner networks. ​

Reporting and support​

Valuable real-time updates on suspicious events on a user-friendly portal. Receive monthly reports on key threats, and find out how much you’ve saved from the fraud prevented. ​


Reinforcing the focus on fraud protection, Swisscom has chosen the innovative FraudGuard service from its long-standing partner BICS’ to help block fraudulent international call attempts, in and out of our network, proactively as an additional benefit to the other functionalities of the solution.

Reto Meier
Fraud Manager at Swisscom

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