Enable and secure transactions and service fulfilment

Add a layer of security to your solutions, keep customers informed, and optimize operations

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Enable and secure transactions and service fulfilment
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A cure for your operations teams’ headaches

  • CPaaS_2FA-SMS

    You need safe and quick authentication

    Seamlessly and securely onboard and validate your customers. Enable secure and convenient two-way communications between customers and your team with number masking.

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    Your customers want to stay informed

    Make sure your customers stay in the loop with account notifications, tracking updates, and other useful communications. Reduce no-shows with timely reminders.

  • growth

    Operational complexity is costing you

    Run operations and service fulfilment seamlessly. See your business grow and advance with coordinated and collaborative communications. 


of customers have a more favorable opinion of firms that offer or contact them with proactive customer service notifications



more revenue was achieved by companies that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams



of people are satisfied with the way in which their digital identity is managed



of users simply abandon an onboarding process due to the friction related to proving identity and/ or verifying their phone number


Command a great customer experience and grow revenue

Optimize resources and service fulfilment

Let us support you as you grow and scale at your own pace. Integrate our platform with your internal system and enjoy managing and optimizing your resources and operations more effectively.

Enable and secure transactions

Ensure transactional and account security with two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time passwords (OTP). Send timely alerts to keep customers up to date and notify them when you detect suspicious activity.

Deliver great communication during the purchase process

Make sure your customers always know exactly what is going on. Create and send out status notifications, transaction or delivery confirmations, and leave no room for confusion.

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