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Optimize treatments for healthcare professionals while protecting patient data with easy and secure IoT connectivity

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How can IoT support healthcare?

To provide smarter healthcare for physicians and patients, manufacturers need to develop solutions that lead to:






drop in readmission rates linked to remote patient monitoring

Vantage Market Research

$305 billion

estimated cost saving to the healthcare industry due to IoT monitoring devices

Goldman Sachs


of countries have started to use telemedicine to replace face-to-face consultations since the pandemic

European Health Data Space

Integrate secure connectivity from manufacture and easily monitor your healthcare devices worldwide


Easy cloud integration

An API-based, turnkey solution for seamless integration with both your customers’ existing systems and the rapidly evolving medical devices required. Easily integrate with cloud platforms to scale your data storage and analysis.


Monitor devices across the globe

Have full visibility over your devices worldwide through a user-friendly self-management platform. Provision, monitor, and troubleshoot your devices remotely in bulk or individually.


Data security

Guarantee the security of patients’ information while sharing vital data at speed. Our fully-owned global network is secured from the device to the cloud, even when your device leaves your customer’s private network.

Monitor patients remotely

Develop solutions to take care of patients wherever they are with accurate insights in real time. Set alarms for emergency responses, send instant alerts on device malfunctions, and seamlessly control health environments.

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Track medical assets in real time

Enable continuous remote monitoring for multiple connected and embedded medical devices. Replace inventory when it’s needed and locate missing items.

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