Get full control of your global transport and logistics business

Track vehicles and monitor equipment in real time, keep goods and people safe, and optimize your routes and operations, on a global scale

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Smart infrastructure

Empower your EV charging operations with seamless global connectivity and advanced technology solutions from BICS.

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Telematics and vehicle monitoring

Recognize trends, predict maintenance needs, and monitor cargo for theft or tampering. Get real time notifications on vehicle, package, or equipment statuses, and troubleshoot from a single platform.

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Efficient asset tracking

Always know where your fleets are and their health status. Remotely manage your fleets from a centralized and user-friendly platform. Integrate all the functionalities that you need with your fleet management and other existing systems, via APIs.

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Route management

Optimize routes based on real time information to guide your drivers to their destination quickly and safely while reducing fuel costs.

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How can IoT support transport and logistics?

To optimize your business through effectively tracking and monitoring vehicles and equipment, you need:

  • global-connectivity

    Consistent, reliable, and simple connectivity worldwide

    You need out of the box instant connectivity for all your logistics trackers and sensors, whether they’ve moving or onsite.

  • centralised-management

    Zero-touch management

    You should be able to deploy globally without any manual set up. Get alerts when a product is misplaced, or a device needs maintenance; and remotely optimize your vehicles’ routes.

  • analytics_laptop-chart

    Advanced analytics with actionable insights

    You need to access real time insights to empower precise, data-driven decision making. Save costs by closely monitoring your vehicles and optimizing port or warehouse infrastructures.


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Port Technology


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Is the reduction in vehicle accidents and injuries through IoT, data analytics, and cloud

Mordor Intelligence

One partner, one SIM, and one platform for all your transport and logistics applications


Easy deployment and integration

An API-based turnkey solution for seamless integration with your existing systems, and with custom data plans.


Self management portal

Bootstrap profiles and high automation for easier provisioning, de-provisioning, management, and troubleshooting.


Security by design

Guarantee the safety of goods and people. Our fully-owned global network is secured end-to-end from the device to the cloud.


Seamless global connectivity

Simplify your global deployments with reliable and high-quality connectivity to 200+ countries. 


Advanced analytics

Get the right insights to predict maintenance needs, optimize routes, and automate delivery or logistics processes.


Full visibility and control

Monitor inventories as well as the health and performance of vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure – in real time.

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