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We carry 50% of the world’s data roaming traffic over our network. Find out how we provide seamless, high-performance connections globally

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Connect anything and everything to the world

Managed Roaming Services

As international roaming becomes more and more complex, you require expertise, stability, commitment, and a deep understanding of the market to enhance your wholesale roaming and global connectivity. Allow us to empower you to strengthen your roaming by leveraging our roaming management expertise, best in class tools, and our wholesale proficiency.

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    Roaming operations

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    Roaming quality management

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    Roaming business management

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    Innovation and business optimization

The world is ready to roam. Are you?

Outsource your global deployment

Benefit from our decades of our expertise in this field, and access all the advantages of a global footprint, without the capital investment.

Develop new revenue streams​

Work with us to establish profitable relationships with digital service providers and IoT enterprises.

Streamline your operations​

Manage every component of your global roaming infrastructure with just one single partner.

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The breakthrough 5G Standalone roaming connection with BICS and Proximus is the first to offer 5G roaming spanning the widest coverage area across the world. It’s going to bring stc customers exceptional connectivity at high data speeds, and offer them the same 4G and 5G data plans at no additional costs when abroad.

Mohammed N. Al-Nusif

Chief Executive Officer of solutions | stc

We needed a robust roaming solution to improve connectivity between on-board staff abroad and control centers, which has ultimately improved our punctuality and customer service standards.

Fritz Schranz

Product manager | SBB (Swiss National Rail)

BICS continues to demonstrate innovation across the selection of roaming services offered, and backed by the experience and expertise of the company, scores highly across all product categories.

Kaleido Intelligence

Nitin Bhas, Chief of Strategy & Insights





Connectivity for any business requirement

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VoLTE and SMS roaming enabler

Time’s up for 2G and 3G, but this doesn’t need to impact your customers or revenues. Our solution enables seamless interworking.

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Voice and SMS Roaming

Plug in to our global network to reliably deliver international voice and SMS traffic anywhere in the world, with extremely high delivery rates and direct, low latency routing.


Open Connectivity Roaming

Expand your global footprint without the hassle of having to negotiate your own network contracts with multiple connections. Get access to one connection and one invoice for an efficient extension of your reach.


Instant Roaming

Instantly access 470+ networks worldwide and expand your 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G footprint in key regions with just one technical and commercial agreement. Trusted by more than 70 mobile network operators and IoT players around the world, we support over 20 million subscribers for voice, SMS, and data services.


Data Control Roaming

Boost your outbound revenues with the perfect international experience. Gain actionable insights into your users’ behaviors. Wake up your silent users with personalized data bundles as soon as they land in a country. Prevent bill shock, and establish trust in international services.

Protect your networks and subscribers from fraud

Operators can lose up to $50,000 per hour to roaming fraud. Proactively protect your network, subscribers, and bottom line from international telecoms fraud. ​ Use the power of the world’s largest fraud intelligence database and crowdsourcing technology to detect fraud spreading across global networks in real-time before it hits your network borders.

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Protect your networks and subscribers from fraud
Join our 5G standalone community and validate your roaming readiness

Join our 5G standalone community and validate your roaming readiness

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