Globally deploy IoT devices at scale

Easily launch, manage, and monetize your international IoT business. Avoid complexity with one SIM, one platform, and one global IoT network.

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Instant global connectivity

Stop wasting time dealing with complex operator agreements. With BICS SIM for Things, connecting your devices in over 200 countries has never been easier.

Sign one global commercial agreement to work with a market leader in roaming and activate your devices wherever you are in the world.  

It’s that easy.

SIM/ eSIM solutions for any industry

Bring global IoT connectivity to any device, industry, or use case.

We teamed-up with BICS to make international connectivity as simple as possible. Thanks to BICS we can make advanced IoT technology accessible for the agriculture industry, anywhere in the world, and provide our customers with full global connectivity management benefits.

Kees Snijders
Managing Director at Flickswitch  

BICS is the right connectivity partner to support our customers with international IoT deployments. They share our goal of unlocking the power of IoT for enterprises.

Thierry Uguen
Head of Product Portfolio Management IoT at Thales

We’re very proud to be working with BICS to address the global market for enterprise mobility solutions. Our agreement illustrates the benefits and utility of SIMbae across the connected device solution value chain.

Roger Dewey
CEO of Able Device

Working with BICS enabled us to optimize deployments of connected probes across Africa and Europe, and simplify connectivity management for smart farming applications around the world.

Leonard Hein
Agronomy and Technical Services Manager at AquaCheck

"With locations in Germany and Tokyo, as well as customers across the world, German Bionic is a global company that required a global partner to deliver global connectivity – through our collaboration with BICS, the Cray X can be deployed, enhanced, and managed by a growing number of customers across the world.”

Norma Hoeft
Head of IoT at German Bionic

How it works

Reduce complexity at every stage of your deployment with an all-in-one IoT solution.

Control, optimize, and expand your IoT business via a single global partner. Say goodbye to multiple contracts and negotiations


Try the solution at a small scale for a pre-defined period of time with free SIMs. Once you're satisfied, expand to full production with the help of our customer success team.


Connect your devices anywhere using our high-quality, global coverage. Pick the wireless connectivity best suited to your use case, whether it's a mobile or static devices, or an application.

Automate provisioning

Eliminate the need for manual administration and simplify the device lifecycle through zero-touch provisioning.


Manage, provision, and troubleshoot your devices and connections with our easy-to-use portal.


Integrate all the functionalities you need through APIs, and with the support of the integration experts on our customer success team.


Build use cases and action flows based on granular, real-time data on the mobility and usage of your devices.


Ensure deployments are running optimally with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, thanks to SMART Webvision.


Enable end-to-end security at every stage of connectivity with our Private IPX and Cloud Connect solutions.


Grow your deployments into new regions around the world with 2G to 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M connectivity in over 200 countries. Maintain a consistent quality of service with regional breakouts worldwide.


Monetize your connected business with our reseller module. Split the cost of connectivity with third-party vendors and drive revenue.

coverage IoT connectivity SIM for things BICS

Our coverage

2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M coverage with local break-outs in 200+ countries. 

Ensure high data speeds with a fully-owned network, backed by 700+ commercial operator relationships worldwide. Maintain a consistent quality of service with multi-network coverage. 

Ready for the next level? Become a partner

Develop new products or services and monetize them effectively through a flexible reseller module. Tap into new markets. Reach new customers. Create new revenues.

Connect your devices directly to your data center

Connect your deployment directly to your private cloud infrastructure, completely bypassing the public internet. Our Cloud Connect solution offers direct connections with most of the world’s cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Softlayer and many others.

Protect your IoT business

Protect your IoT devices from ever-evolving threats with BICS’ fraud prevention and authentication services. Apply the latest security techniques and technologies to your deployments, offering real-time fraud protection based on global traffic patterns.

Optimize your IoT business

To ensure optimal performance of large IoT projects covering multiple geographies, you need visibility over your connected devices. BICS SMART Webvision has been specifically developed to provide large IoT enterprises with the capabilities to identify, investigate, and resolve issues in a light-touch and low-cost model.

Connect with your IoT customers

Deliver SMS notifications and alerts relating to your IoT fleet to fleet managers. Take full advantage of BICS’ global messaging network to ensure fleet managers always have the latest information.

For travel SIM providers

Keep your subscribers connected wherever they travel with reliable, multi-network coverage. Offer an improved customer experience at the right price. With continually growing coverage, you can connect your devices wherever you need.

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For OEMs (original equipment manufacturers)

Embed connectivity into device hardware with a global SIM/ eSIM bootstrap profile. Supply devices that auto-connect to the local network anywhere in the world with a full solution for the entire device lifecycle.

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Our customers


Global connectivity for IoT-enabled soil probes

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German Bionic

Seamless cellular connectivity to optimize performance of human-machine lifting systems

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Global connectivity for location and welfare monitoring of livestock with connected collars

Download now


Simple, reliable connectivity for real-time environmental sensors

Download now


Constant tracking for remote e-scooter fleet management

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