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Put your data to work

As the number of devices worldwide radically increases, so does the volume of data. It’s time you start exploiting their potential as globally distributed data-capturing assets.
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    Connectivity is all about data

    Data gathered worldwide through IoT devices shows companies the demand gaps they can fill with new products and services.

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    Boosted efficiency

    IoT data analytics points companies across industries in the right direction. It helps to understand customers’ behavior and spend energy on innovation that brings profit or eliminates downtime in manufacturing.

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    Smarter business decisions

    By 2025, IoT solutions will potentially generate $4-11 trillion in economic value. Get the insights you need to develop and improve your offer.

Five steps to perfect knowledge of your customers. An enormous amount of data to your advantage


Data gathering

Sensors on your IoT devices collect thousands of data points every second.


Data transmission

The data is then passed on to our cloud-based data management platform over the internet.


Data storage and processing

The data is stored and securely processed after transmission to give you easy-to-digest insights.


Data analytics and insights

Read the data in a visually pleasing and easy-to-interpret form.


Data distribution

Users access data on their wearables or other devices, and you can leverage it to direct business decision making.


Shorten time to revenue with our support of your IoT project

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    Reporting Dashboards

    Configure your dashboards and get consolidated views of your KPIs. Spot room for improvement, and don’t let QoE across your project get negatively impacted.

  • API

    Integration & APIs

    With 200+ customizable APIs, easily integrate with your existing IT systems or cloud service providers.

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    Wide range of applications

    Experience the power of data collection and analytics for your connected business, from agriculture to healthcare and industrial manufacturing.

Access any detail about your global IoT project at hand





Greater control for your IoT global connectivity for any use case


Tracking solutions

Track in real time the exact location of your high-value shipments, no matter where they’re headed, all through our UX-friendly platform. Receive alerts if no data is received to proactively investigate any issues.



Accept card payments anywhere in the world. If you’re notified about one operator failing, quickly switch to another for an undisrupted experience.


Telecom integrator

Ensure network SLA compliance across all locations when providing SD-WAN solutions.


Remote asset management

Monitor utility assets with us. Detect abnormal behavior, under or over-usage, protect your infrastructure, and cut costs.

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