Cloud Connect

Accelerate your cloud transformation. Establish direct, secure connectivity between your premises and your cloud service provider’s data center.

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Simplified connectivity

Connect your BICS platforms, regardless of their location (on-premise or in the cloud). Enjoy seamless connectivity without dealing with multiple providers. Bypass the public internet. Transport critical data only via authorized hops between your data center and the cloud.


Streamlined control

Easily provision and control your business ecosystem. Enjoy a hassle-free management experience, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance and monitoring.


Flexibility with highest performance levels

Low latency. SLAs available to guarantee service performance so you can focus on the things that really matter to your business.


Multi-hyperscaler support

When creating new connections in our platform, choose the hyperscaler that best suits your needs. You can pick from AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle. Manage all connections from one place and never compromise your connectivity, no matter your cloud provider. 

Easy connectivity to any cloud platform

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Amazon Web Services

Benefit from a dedicated connection between your internal network and an AWS Direct Connect location without going through internet service providers.

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Google Cloud

Access highly reliable connectivity from your physical network infrastructure to the Google Cloud network. Benefit from highly reliable connections with Google Partner Interconnect regardless of where your data center is located or your limited data needs.

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Connect to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via a private route bypassing the public Internet with Cloud Connect. We’ve fully integrated Oracles FastConnect solution into our platform for easy access and management.

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Azure Peering

Enhance your on-premise access to services like Office365, Dynamics 365, and SaaS applications with Azure Peering. The solution fully integrates into our Cloud Connect platform and helps you establish a secure and better-performing connection to Microsoft Cloud services over the public Internet.

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Azure ExpressRoute

Create private connections between Microsoft Azure data centers and your on-premise networks using Azure ExpressRoute. Gain control over the network connectivity while avoiding the public Internet. Never question the quality of connection with SLAs.

Bridge the gap between your on-premise and endpoint in the cloud

Cloud Connect provides simplified connectivity, multi-hyperscaler support, and streamlined control for enterprises and operators.





Hyperscalers on-ramp

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Points of Presence (PoPs) for interconnections


IXPs for easy, direct access


cloud service providers supported


protection schemes available

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