Cloud Communications

Get closer to your customers with cloud numbers

Enable your customers to reach you with a local call no matter where they — or you – are

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cloud numbers globally compliant Microsoft Operator Connect

Connect your enterprise with the world

Quickly set up your cloud phone system anywhere in the world, with fully compliant numbers. With just one platform, streamline your communications and increase your customer and employee satisfaction.

Order numbers with just a few clicks per country or city, individually or in bulk, to suit your project.


companies can reduce phone costs by up to 50% with VoIP



is the estimated growth of the market size of cloud-based telephones from 2020 to 2025



of customers prefer to contact businesses by phone


Choose cloud numbers to best support your business needs


Local numbers

Customers are much more likely to pick up the phone and speak to you when they see you’ve got a local number. Our compliant numbers cover over 120 countries in the world.


Mobile numbers

Use the same virtual number for voice and SMS. Communicate with your clients and let them reach you. Deploy temporary numbers for secure, time-limited interactions to protect users’ privacy for things like marketing campaigns or short-term projects.


Toll-free numbers

Do you need to have a free-for-them line where your customers can contact you? Our toll-free numbers are excellent solutions for conferencing, call centers, or helplines.


Enter markets quickly

We have thousands of local, toll-free, and mobile numbers ready for you to deploy and manage around the world. Get an overview of our coverage and real time availability of different types of virtual numbers in cities and countries around the world.

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countries with number ranges


area codes


Points of Presence (PoPs)

24/ 7

fraud prevention

cloud numbers conference calls contact center

Cloud numbers for any use case

  • people_connection

    Global enterprises

    Improve CX around the world and make work easier for your employees.

  • customer-experience

    Contact centers

    Enable smooth two-way communication between you and your clients, and deliver world-class customer service.

  • conference-call

    Conferencing service providers

    Provide your customers with high-quality audio conferencing with our local and toll-free numbers.

  • A2P-messaging

    UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS platforms

    Add calling and messaging to your platform with our easy-to-use APIs and enhance your apps with additional features.

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