Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology partner

Your direct route to AWS Direct Connect regions across the world.

Powered by AWS’ partnership with BICS.

AWS high performance

High performance, secure, and scalable connectivity

dedicated connection1

Benefit from a dedicated connection

Our multi-layer network provides a high-speed, robust, and redundant connection to the AWS cloud without needing to go through internet service providers.

dedicated connection

One provider, one port of access

Connect to multiple AWS locations and other cloud exchange providers as required.

Easy connectivity

international footprint

International footprint

130 Points of Presence across the world, each one fully-operated and supported by BICS



Our transport is based on Carrier Ethernet or DWDM/ OTN technologies, including submarine cables



Choose from a direct connect or hosted connection depending on your needs



Guaranteed SLAs offer complete peace of mind

AWS cloud connect

Why use Cloud Connect?

  • Connect to cloud service providers in every part of the globe with just one partner. No need to manage multiple service providers.
  • Transport critical data only via authorized hops between your data center and the cloud.
  • Only pay for the connectivity you need — interconnection with the BICS network is free. Adapt your package according to your bandwidth needs.

“BICS have acted as a single partner for all our needs. We’ve gone above and beyond our customer’s requirements with the reliability and security of our solutions from BICS. We had a number of specific requirements that we had expected would require the involvement of several third-party providers. With BICS, we’ve only needed to work with a single partner and the quality of their solutions has also ensured the best possible results for our customer.”

Thomas Grotz, COO of Outbox

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