Market Insights: Kaleido Intelligence's analysis of BICS' role in the IoT connectivity market

by BICS | November 28, 2023

Market Insights: Kaleido Intelligence's analysis of BICS' role in the IoT connectivity market
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BICS has been recognized as a High Flyer vendor for IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) for enterprise, in Kaleido Intelligence’s 2023 Connectivity Vendor Hub analysis.

Kaleido Connectivity Vendor Hub acknowledged BICS as a High Flyer based on several key criteria, including:

    • The effectiveness and features of BICS’  solutions, particularly in meeting evolving customer needs and simplifying the user experience.
    • The technology BICS uses to support operations and its global connectivity deployments.
    • BICS’ innovative approaches that differentiate our services and elevate them to top-tier status.
    • BICS’ partnerships, market experience, and influence, demonstrating a deep understanding of both current and future IoT connectivity requirements.

Compared to the other vendors, BICS excels in fleet categorization and management, self-service capabilities for resellers and large enterprises, API monetization, and streamlined device management through a connectivity twin system for IoT devices.

Being recognized as a High Flyer Vendor by Kaleido Intelligence highlights BICS’ commitment to excellence in IoT connectivity. This accolade reflects our dedication to providing innovative, customer-centric solutions, positioning BICS as a leader in global IoT connectivity. It’s a proud moment and a motivating force for us to continue advancing the frontiers of IoT technology.” – Luc Vidal, Head of M2M/IoT Business at BICS.

Kaleido Intelligence’s Connectivity Vendor Hub is a comprehensive resource offering in-depth competitive intelligence across multiple cellular IoT connectivity sectors. It serves as an essential tool for end-users and service providers, enhancing their understanding of the market with detailed insights into various products and services.

About Kaleido Intelligence’s Connectivity Vendor Hub 2023 analysis:

  • Kaleido’s eSIM & CMP Vendor Hub is an annual product assessment covering 40 vendors in the ecosystem, each active in at least one of three separate product service areas assessed.
  • Kaleido’s 2023 research was conducted over a 4 month period with the goal of enabling the industry to understand the various types of Private Network players and product related strengths. During this process:
    • 40 unique companies were assessed
    • From the 40 companies, we assessed over 60 product offering covering the 3 separate product areas.

For a deeper understanding of BICS’ IoT solutions and their industry impact, visit or check-out our comprehensive industry recognition eBook.