Co-creating growth: why channel partnerships are the future | Q&A with Clémentine Fournier

by BICS | June 9, 2022

Co-creating growth: why channel partnerships are the future | Q&A with Clémentine Fournier
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More than ever before, channel partnerships are in the spotlight as a vehicle to reach a broader audience and expand the range of capabilities a company offers. We speak to Clémentine Fournier, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at BICS, to find out more about BICS’ own channel partner program.

What can you tell us about the BICS channel partner program? 

Clémentine Fournier: As you know, during the pandemic, enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation with an increased use of two types of technologies. Firstly, collaboration platforms and video conferencing, and secondly, multi-channel and omnichannel platforms for better customer engagement. At BICS, we have been using our strong programmable communications capabilities to enable this digital transformation.  

We have an amazing range of products such as cloud communication, which include cloud numbers, toll free numbers, SIP trunking capabilities, messaging capabilities, and more. We are also very active in the IoT space, providing a range of customized solutions to international enterprises from global eSIMs to seamless connectivity between private and public 5G networks. In addition, we can provide direct connections for enterprises to their public cloud providers’ environments with Cloud Connect.  

All these solutions are based on our fully-owned network, which means we control the quality, the security, and there are no middlemen for enterprises. 

What makes the BICS offer different?  

CF: We’re really aiming at simplifying international communications for our customers. Normally, enterprises will need to have different people in each country of operations to manage communications. 

Our offer is one single platform, and one single contract for all the international offices. 

What makes a partnership successful? 

CF: Our approach with partners is to create synergies. Together, we seek to build up innovative solutions which add value to our customers. Essentially, it’s all about co-creation and tapping into each other’s ecosystems to achieve growth and reach a larger customer base. It’s very much a win-win approach for our partners, our success will be their success and vice versa. 

Do you have any channel partner success stories to share with us? 

CF: Many! One recent example, which we’ve built a case study for, is our partnership with Flickswitch. Together we developed a solution for their customer AquaCheck, who create sensors to monitor soil moisture levels and software for irrigation management for agriculture companies. AquaCheck faced several challenges around connectivity – typically their probes are used in remote locations where coverage is poor and uneven.  

We provided instant and reliable local connectivity to Flickswitch’s pre-installed SIMs, so that AquaCheck’s probes can be used as soon as they’re switched on, without any further manual setup required. This allowed Aquacheck’s sensors to be sold globally without any local configurations or setup needed.  

What’s next on the horizon for the program? 

CF: We are seeking to expand our ecosystem of partners across regions and verticals extensively in the months ahead, covering both IoT and CPaaS sectors. Stay tuned for exciting announcements in the months ahead! 

Find out more about the channel partner program here