BICS Cloud Numbers now available through platform

by BICS | June 7, 2022

BICS Cloud Numbers now available through platform
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Many years ago, we realized the pain points of number management.

Say, for example, an operator wants to check how many numbers they have in stock in a particular region for one of their customers, but they’re not sure if their database is up to date. The operator is forced to check sources outside of the database for accuracy, taking up considerable time, and potentially losing business in the process. Multiply situations like this across the entire numbers inventory and you have widespread inefficiency that takes significant resources and time to address.

Eliminating the risks of manual management

With these issues in mind, there is significant room for improvement. Above all, operators should prefer to have their numbers managed automatically in a cloud-based environment. By storing all their information in the cloud, they can ensure they have a single source of truth for their numbers. This significantly increases the ease and efficiency of managing numbers and improves the customer experience.

At BICS, we understand the importance of having simple numbers management with advanced capabilities. We were one of the first carriers to create an enhanced number management platform – the MyNumbers portal – to simplify the life of our customers. Our customers can manage their own numbers using the BICS MyNumbers platform which allows for straightforward number documentation and stock management in the cloud. Beyond this, we also provide them with the latest regulatory information to ensure they are compliant.

The MyNumbers portal removes room for human error while also allowing operators to reallocate the resources they were previously using to maintain offline systems. With more accurate and easily accessible information on their cloud numbers, operators are better able to reduce complexity and tap into new revenue streams.

BICS numbers are now available through’s all-in-one global number and messaging platform.

In order to make the MyNumbers functionality available with further ease to an extended customer base, we’ve partnered with software-as-a-service provider to give their customers direct access to the MyNumbers functionality directly through the platform.

The cloud opportunity

Our collaboration with additionally allows their customers to purchase BICS numbers directly through the platform and add them to their global number inventory. Their intuitive online portal also provides full control, visibility, and analytics for global numbers, and supports revenue growth in the CPaaS market. By providing a more efficient, automated way to manage numbers in the cloud, operators can capitalize on the growing demand for numbers. This is particularly relevant for operators today, who are seeing new revenue opportunities arise in the CPaaS market, which Juniper Research estimates will be worth $25 billion by 2025.

With this new partnership, platform users can experience full lifecycle management for cloud number services via a single solution. This simplifies the process of provisioning and de-provisioning, billing and invoicing, and monitoring activity. This is invaluable when addressing the growing global demand for numbers for CPaaS use cases.

“Given the ever-growing demand for CPaaS and Unified Communications among enterprises, numbers are going to be an increasingly crucial part of how businesses communicate in the near future.’s dynamic, automated features, such as our Bring Your Own Operator (BYOO) model, bring simplicity and efficiency to customers worldwide. Our partnership with BICS helps them optimize lifecycle management with faster service and increased agility so they can continue enabling digital communications globally”, says Mark Cox, Global Sales Director.

Clementine Fournier, Head of Enterprise Business Development and partnerships at BICS adds: “There is a real need among businesses to simplify number management. Ultimately, they want it to be simple, transparent, and efficient so that it doesn’t become burdensome as they scale their global number inventories. That’s the reason why we have created the MyNumbers portal many years ago. The MyNumbers portal is very much valued by our customers. We have decided to team up with to give direct access to their customers to the BICS MyNumbers portal. Integrating the MyNumbers Portal into will bring simplicity and efficiency to their global communications solutions by automating the supply chain experience across number and messaging services. We are excited to be able to successfully fulfil this need and help make number management simpler than ever.”

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