Connecting everything: MWC Barcelona 2024

by BICS | March 7, 2024

Connecting everything: MWC Barcelona 2024
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As we slowly return to our usual routines after MWC, let’s take a moment to reflect on our significant presence last week in Barcelona, where BICS was delighted to showcase our latest innovations in the telecommunications and enterprise communications spaces.

Global connectivity leaders

BICS aligned with many of the core MWC themes this year. Here’s the lowdown on how we turned heads, showcasing our commitment to shaping the future of global connectivity.

5G and beyond: leading the charge

We weren’t just there; we were showcasing cutting-edge 5G Standalone (SA) and network slicing to diving into discussions on IoT advancements and smart cities, we proved we’re not just talking about the future – we’re creating it with unmatched quality.

Humanizing AI: AI as an opportunity to seize

In the realm of “Humanising AI,” an exemplary Cognigy resulted in a groundbreaking AI agent for customer support in China. Launched on WeChat, this chatbot enables real-time translation, overcoming regulatory challenges and ensuring a seamless experience for Chinese users. This underscores our dedication to shaping AI for diverse global communities.

Our digital DNA: diverse, inclusive, and sustainable

From fostering inclusivity to operating sustainably, we’re not just about tech leadership; we’re about leading the way in creating a future where diversity isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life.


Global connectivity, unmatched quality

BICS not only attended but also displayed its thought leadership within many areas.

Is 2024 a turning point for VoLTE roaming?

Navigating the complex realm of VoLTE, BICS emphasized the formidable challenges, including handset issues, network complexities, testing, and roaming enablement. The looming 2G/3G Sunsets have created a technology gap, urging mobile network operators to invest in VoLTE, but not all are ready to allocate the required time and resources. This disparity presents a distinctive opportunity for IPX Providers, uniquely positioned to facilitate VoLTE enablement, not only in network deployment but also in testing and footprint management, even when operators are hesitant to invest. BICS is ideally positioned to bridge the technology divide without impacting quality for your inbound or outbound roamers.

Cloud enablement for improved roaming experience

BICS emphasized the significance of Local Roaming Breakout for improved user experiences, highlighting our commitment to transforming global connectivity through Cloud Roaming on AWS. Our collaboration introduces a cloud-based roaming service, ensuring faster internet, reduced response times, and enhanced quality. Panel insights, combined with successful trials, drive innovations in gaming, virtual reality, and IoT-connected devices, reinforcing our dedication to advancing connectivity solutions.

Navigating next-generation networks: four pathways for transformation

BICS has actively engaged in comprehensive discussions centered around key characteristics, market dynamics, and strategic objectives, focusing on its transformation roadmap. BICS assesses its current maturity across crucial pillars of network transformation, namely data and AI, cloudification & programmability, automation, and API-exposure. In pursuit of unlocking value sooner, strategic recommendations have been formulated based on the existing capabilities.

Futureproofing enterprise communications

Has 5G done enough to ensure investment in future G’s?

Despite gradual adoption and ROI challenges, BICS underscores a shift to anticipating 6G in 2030, raising questions about whether 5G advancements justify ongoing investments. The debate navigates challenges, achievements, and infrastructure needs for future generations, prompting BICS to critically assess 5G’s adequacy for securing investments in the evolving wireless landscape.

IoT: Navigating the new reality

BICS explored the implications for IoT advancements. Furthermore, we were delighted to announced a strategic partnership with Skylo for seamless NB-IoT connectivity via GEO satellites, allowing reliable and protocol-agnostic IoT device conversion over a vast geographical range. This collaboration, leveraging Skylo’s non-terrestrial network and BICS’ IPX network, enhances international applications with the ability to roam outside the device’s home country.

We also unveiled the Connectivity Twin demo, revolutionizing IoT operations by seamlessly integrating low-power IoT device networks with hyperscale cloud services.

Reducing risk: Proving number validity in mobile communications

At BICS, ensuring number validity is fundamental to our operations. Recognizing that even valid and allocated numbers can be used maliciously, we’ve implemented proactive measures to identify and mitigate such risks. This safeguards businesses from potential fraud, preventing substantial financial losses and fostering a healthy, profitable communication environment.

Forging new partnerships

MWC provides a unique opportunity to connect with our customers across the world in one place. Our customer event stole the spotlight, drawing in a large crowd of esteemed customers and partners. The atmosphere was lively, filled with the warmth of local Belgian beer and delicacies.

Setting the standard for digital transformation

At MWC Barcelona 2024, BICS showcased its leadership in digital transformation. From integrating AI with IoT breakthroughs to cloud communication advancements and seamless roaming, we’re driving innovation within the industry. With a focus on sustainability, AI, and fraud prevention, BICS is shaping the future of global communications.