IoT gamechanger: Advanced Connectivity Twin

by BICS | February 13, 2024

IoT gamechanger: Advanced Connectivity Twin
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In today’s fast-changing landscape, reliable connectivity and seamless data integration are essential. Enterprises wishing to succeed under such challenging circumstances need a solution that combines efficiency, scalability, and intelligent data usage. At BICS, we have just the thing. Introducing the Connectivity Twin, also called Digital Twin: A powerful ally to enterprises navigating the complexities of connectivity and data integration.

A zero-touch Connectivity Twin solution

Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that makes IoT connectivity a breeze. After years of designing and perfecting, BICS is now pleased to introduce our game-changing Connectivity Twin, designed to offer enterprises an intuitive, zero-touch solution that elevates their IoT operations.

Designed to address the critical gap between low-power IoT device networks and hyperscale cloud services, we offer a suite of no-code and low-code tools to streamline processes for developers and integrate and manage IoT data effortlessly. Merging device or sensor data with crucial connectivity and network metadata, Connectivity Twin creates a synergy that not only provides profound operational insights but also significantly boosts the service level delivered to customers, ensuring a more connected, efficient, and intelligent IoT ecosystem.

Accelerating IoT deployments at scale

Connectivity Twin services and developer tools are built from ground-up to reduce the stress on developers, accelerate the creation of IoT solutions, streamline the deployment and management, and unlock the full potential of IoT data.

Addressing common queries about the real impact of the solution, we acknowledge the enterprise skills gap of integrating low-power IoT data into databases and twin models.

The Connectivity Twin solution is specifically designed for global enterprises transitioning into large-scale IoT deployments. It offers enhanced device management capabilities in a cloud environment, addressing various needs such as:

  • Device management: Monitoring device firmware upgrades and managing data volume aggregation.
  • Digital Twin applications: Identifying devices with poor coverage and optimizing device performance.
  • Troubleshooting: Aiding in the identification of disconnected devices, network ID verification, and RAT (Radio Access Technology) availability.
  • Fleet tracker management: Accelerating GPS signal acquisition for efficient fleet management.
  • LPWA (Low Power Wide Area): Predicting the remaining battery life of devices to ensure uninterrupted service.

In conclusion, Connectivity Twin is not just a technological innovation; it’s about crafting a future where IoT solutions are more intuitive, powerful, and seamlessly integrated into enterprise operations.

Join us at MWC Barcelona for a live demonstration of Connectivity Twin

Join us at MWC, Hall 2 Stand 2E31, for an eye-opening demonstration of our Connectivity Twin solution. We’ll be illustrating the flow from the BICS network to the IoT Cloud Bridge, Azure Service Bus, while showcasing integrations with Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, AWS SQS, GCP Pub/Sub, and various SQL endpoints, including Snowflake, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the future of IoT in action.

Together, let’s shape a future that’s connected, intelligent, and transformative.

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