Deliver the best customer experience. Globally.

Understand and troubleshoot problems instantly with the power of business intelligence and network analytics.

Business intelligence BICS

The benefits of big data without the complexity

Create one unified view of all of your network and roaming traffic and spot trends as they emerge.

Act on your insights to deliver customized offers, proactively troubleshoot issues, and take advantage of monetization opportunities.

Monetize device roaming

Detect machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices roaming on your network. Grow your revenue by developing the right pricing strategy in your agreements with partner operators.

Our solution automatically detects devices and their behavior through a combination of machine learning techniques and real-time traffic data.

Monetize device roaming IoT

Guarantee Quality of Experience (QoE) anywhere

Deliver a world class roaming experience to your customers with insights into roaming services. Uncover performance and trends hidden in raw traffic data and tackle issues before they are noticed by your roaming subscribers.

Understand your subscribers with analysis granular enough for single subscriber investigations and VIP experience monitoring. Guarantee QoE with a range of sophisticated tools to control roaming experience.

Guarantee quality of experience roaming

Launch customized offers

Boost your roaming business by maximizing outbound data roaming uptake. Launch packages to increase data roaming revenues based on real time subscriber insights.

Wake up silent roamers with timely offers. Keep subscribers better informed, safer, and more encouraged to use data while roaming.

Wake up silent roamers data insights

Future-proof your international roaming business

Hassle-free integration

No hardware, maintenance, or upgrade costs

FromCom and AWS

Get started quickly

Rapidly build business and network intelligence capabilities tailored to your needs

level up

Benefit from machine learning techniques

Big data-driven and future-oriented traffic analytics solution with a proven track record

Simplified operations

One source of information on all roaming activities with a holistic view across 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G networks

no congestions

Agile development

Rely on best-in-class data mining and data science techniques, with a roadmap of new features and functionalities

Global scalability

Software economies of scale

Extraordinary scalability, lower costs, and access to next-generation technologies with predictable budgeting

Get all of your questions answered

Move your business forward with advanced analytics

Which of my roaming partners offers the best Quality of Service in the USA?

What kind of data roaming bundle will encourage travelers to switch on roaming?

What proportion of my SMS traffic from my roaming partner is spam?

How much of my inbound roaming traffic from my roaming partner is IoT traffic?

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