Powering the future of electric vehicle charging

Global connectivity solutions for performant and reliable EV Charging infrastructure​

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Powering the future of electric vehicle charging

Streamline and scale your EV charging operations​

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    Leverage a turnkey solution

    Boost your EV charging business with our turnkey CRM solution, optimizing operations, enhancing profitability, and simplifying complexities through an efficient Reseller module.

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    Ensure seamless local deployment

    Experience seamless global connectivity with a single eSIM and efficient control through our management platform, enhancing the performance and reliability of your EV charging operations.

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    Streamline and automate

    Integrate seamlessly with your systems using our API-enabled connectivity management platform, benefiting from direct cloud connectivity and Connectivity Twin technology to automate and streamline your EV charging infrastructure.

Enhanced customer experience and efficient data management

Charging station manufacturers can elevate their customer experience and streamline data management by partnering with BICS. Our eSIM HUB solution offers a single global eSIM and a robust connectivity management platform, providing the high level of connectivity required. This ensures seamless access to data and invoicing, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.​

Optimized operations and cost efficiency​

Charging point operators can optimize their operations and reduce costs with BICS’ CRM turnkey solution and reseller module. This comprehensive solution enables real-time vehicle tracking, efficient billing management, and remote monitoring. With reliable SIM management and a high-quality network, operators can maintain superior service quality while keeping operational expenses under control.

Secure global integration and simplified deployment

Charging station software providers can achieve secure global integration and simplified deployment with BICS’ SFT platform and API for integration. Offering one multi-IMSI SIM for comprehensive global coverage, this solution ensures seamless, secure IoT communication. The API-powered platform provides granular control over device connectivity, making it easy to deploy and troubleshoot, thus enhancing the reliability and performance of their software solutions.




Optimising EV charging

Unlock the full potential of your EV charging operations with BICS​


Reliability and uptime

Ensure your charging stations are always operational with our robust network coverage that minimizes downtime and maximizes reliability.



Easily scale your operations as your business grows with our flexible connectivity solutions that can adapt to increasing demands without compromising performance. ​


Cost efficiency

Benefit from our competitive pricing structures designed for maximum cost efficiency, allowing you to allocate resources where they’re needed most.​


Enhanced security ​

Protect your data and operations with our advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption and secure connectivity options tailored to the unique needs of the EV charging industry.


Simplified management​

Streamline your operations with our user-friendly management platforms that provide clear insights​ and easy control over your entire connectivity framework.


Expert support

Gain access to our team of experts who are dedicated to supporting your success ​ with 24/7 assistance and strategic insights into connectivity best practices.

Seamless global EV Charging deployments

BICS offers seamless infrastructure deployment, robust security, self-management tools, and a reseller model to optimize and scale your EV charging operations, maximizing revenue and ensuring success. ​





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