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We create new opportunities by connecting communities

As a communications platform company, BICS is at the heart of the communications ecosystem, bridging telecommunications services, and the needs of enterprises.

Our solutions – from global voice services, seamless roaming and IoT enablement, to global messaging – are essential for supporting today’s data-hungry consumers and digitally driven enterprises.

Headquartered in Brussels, with a strong presence in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East,

we enable every person, application and thing to connect simply and securely, wherever they are.


“We believe that connected societies are stronger societies; and through our diversity of communication channels and means, we can unlock human potential.”

Meet our leadership team

Matteo Gatta

Chief Executive Officer

Matteo was appointed CEO of BICS SA/NV on January 26th 2021, after being Director Network Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships within the Network Business Unit of Proximus.

Mikaël Schachne

VP Telco Market

Mikaël joined the international division of Belgacom in 2001 which was then spun-off and merged with Swisscom International and MTN International.

Divya Ghai Wakankar

VP Enterprise Market

Jorn Vercamert

VP Products & Solutions

Jorn started his career at BICS in 1998 as Voice Buying Manager and held various voice development positions after that. In 2004 he was appointed as Regional VP in charge of the business development in Southern Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Frederic Salmon

VP Asia Pacific

Frederic joined the international team of Belgacom in 2000 after some years in external and internal audit functions, and later on, with the Executive Office attached to the Group CEO of Belgacom – now Proximus.

Sophie Greffier

VP Europe

Abdelkader Najja

VP Middle East & Africa

Frederic Mathieu

VP Americas

Cédric Grandjean


Cédric was appointed Chief Financial Officer of BICS after being Director of Group M&A at Proximus between 2007 and 2018.

Yaunese Aazibou

Technology & Customer Service

Yaunese joined BICS in 2003 and prior to his current role he oversaw the overall IT architectural and business analysis activities.

Joeri Veldeman

VP People & Transformation

At BICS, we share an ambitious vision to deliver innovative solutions and to delight our customers.

We connect to each other to be stronger as a team.

We are passionate professionals empowered to excel in everything we do.

We are at the forefront of our industry’s transformation and we foster a creative and innovative mindset based on our diversity, ambition and passion for the world of communications.

We are a socially responsible organization and as a global player we follow strict ethical values while actively supporting social projects.
At the same time, all three of our shareholders have a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy embedded into their DNA.

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(BICS) continues to demonstrate innovation across the selection of roaming services offered, and backed by the experience and expertise of the company, scored highly across all product categories

Nitin Bhas
Chief of Strategy & Insights, Kaleido Intelligence

Excellent quality and good prices

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