Microsoft Azure peering partner

Accelerate your enterprise’s cloud transformation.

Powered by Microsoft Azure’s peering partnership with BICS.

Microsoft Azure digital transformation BICS

Easy and powerful connectivity

level up

Level-up your digital transformation

Enhance your on-premise access to services like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and SaaS applications via the internet.

Improved failover

Best-in-class performance levels

Fully managed Layer 3 service with end-to-end control over the quality of your connection.

Why Azure Peering Services?

direct access1

Direct access to Microsoft services

The most optimal public routing over controlled network path to Microsoft Office 365

Global scalability

Easy global scalability

Seamlessly scale as your business demands

no congestions

No congestion

Say goodbye to congestion and connectivity hogs with optimal routing

1 partner

One partner

Same partner for Azure Express Route

Microsoft Azure peering partnership with BICS

Why use Cloud Connect?

  • Connect to cloud service providers in every part of the globe with just one partner. No need to manage multiple service providers.
  • Transport critical data only via authorized hops between your data center and the cloud.
  • Only pay for the connectivity you need — interconnection with the BICS network is free. Adapt your package according to your bandwidth needs.

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