Outbox, a leading German VoIP provider headquartered in Köln, Germany, was tasked with securely routing VoIP traffic from a customer’s network – which was hosted as part of a tier 1 operator’s network (hereafter referred to as FromCom) – to their VPC in the AWS Frankfurt region. For this customer specifically, it required Outbox route traffic from multiple different IP addresses in the tier 1 operator’s network.


By default, the kind of routing Outbox needed to perform was not standard for FromCom’s customers and requires third party management – which is where BICS’ expertise was needed. The underlying traffic was also VoIP based, which required best-in-class quality and low jitter to guarantee the quality of the end-to-end voice call termination. This presented a number of challenges:

FromCom and AWS use different IP configurations

FromCom can only announce static IP configurations, while AWS supports only dynamic BGP due to the different platform stacks used in each business’ network.

Outbox needed greater bandwidth

BICS and Outbox’s collaboration was a continuation of their partnership which they had started in 2018 with 1GB traffic. However, with the 1GB payload limit already nearing complete use, BICS and Outbox needed to recreate it in a 10GB environment.

Their solution needed a backup

Given Outbox’s multi-provider policy, they needed a similar solution from another party to use as a backup. This means that while BICS was their main solution, they needed another one to use as a backup in the event of failure on the AWS side.

Google cloud dedicated connectivity without internet


By partnering with BICS, Outbox leverages BICS’ direct connections with AWS. They also benefit from their expertise in VoIP Quality of Service to ensure their connection with FromCom securely routes their customer’s traffic at the highest possible quality.

As an AWS partner, BICS’ Cloud Connect solution provides highly reliable and scalable connectivity between the customer’s virtual gateway in the VPC in AWS and BICS’ IP network. To ensure appropriate quality and security, transport via the BICS network is based on their carrier ethernet and DWDN/ OTN technologies. This allows BICS to ensure that Outbox’s VoIP traffic is transported via high quality routes with the lowest possible jitter.

  • Using BICS’ direct relationship with FromCom, Outbox establishes an isolated 10GB cross connect.
  • Outbox works with a single partner – BICS – rather than relying on multiple third-party vendors.
  • To maintain the quality of their customer’s VoIP traffic, Outbox has been able to ensure high-quality routes with minimal jitter.

AWS high performance

The benefits of working with BICS

Direct connectivity between corporate data centres

Leveraging BICS extensive relationships with operators, Outbox has established static routing for their customer’s multiple IP addresses (hosted on FromCom’s network) and routes towards BICS’ private VPRN.

High-level architecture with 1x10Gb direct connect

To enable their multi-vendor solution and cover all the different interconnection points distributed across their FromCom’s resources, partnering with BICS has allowed Outbox to avoid any outages on the AWS acting as a single point of failure.

Improved failover and avoidance of black-holing

BICS implemented a BFD on the VPRN’s both spike side and for their hub site BGP neighbor. This means that any failures on the FromCom or AWS networks can be quickly detected and remediated.

outbox challenge VoIP

“BICS have acted as a single partner for all our needs. We’ve gone above and beyond our customer’s requirements with the reliability and security of our solutions from BICS. We had a number of specific requirements that we had expected would require the involvement of several third-party providers. With BICS, we’ve only needed to work with a single partner and the quality of their solutions has also ensured the best possible results for our customer.”

Thomas Grotz, COO of Outbox


About Outbox

Outbox is a leading German VoIP provider headquartered in Köln, Germany. Since 2004, Outbox has been a leading voice-over-IP provider for telecommunications, VoIP solutions, and national and international numbers. Outbox operates their platform with AWS distributing the workload across different availability zones for security and load balancing. Their extensive experience makes them one of Germany’s leading voice network operators and has allowed them to build a comprehensive range of white-labelled software solutions and wholesale products. These solutions and products serve the telecommunications industry from small resellers to subscriber network operators.

As an independent operator of a highly available “carrier grade” telephony network, Outbox also serves the international segment. With the new product Voice-as-a-Service for Microsoft Teams, the company expanded into UCaaS providing a highly automated Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution. With an API-based platform Outbox services the CPaaS market for intelligent voice routing and completes its offering for Automated Call Distribution solutions.

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