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Tech in 20 – a BICS podcast
Episode 2

The future of EV charging infrastructure is IoT-enabled

In today’s episode, we dive into EV charging infrastructure and its integration with IoT technology. Join us as we uncover the synergies, challenges, and enormous benefits of this emerging market. Gabriel Salvate, Head of Customer Solutions and Pre-sales at BICS, joins us to share his expertise on how real-time data, interoperability, and innovative solutions are shaping the future of EV charging.

About this episode

The transformative power of IoT-enabled EV charging solutions

In this episode, we dive into the world of IoT-enabled EV charging solutions, examining the latest market trends and the substantial benefits of integrating IoT with EV charging infrastructure. We discuss how real-time data enhances management and maintenance, providing seamless user experiences and significant cost savings. The episode also explores key opportunities for OEMs, including product innovation, data monetization, and collaboration with energy providers, while addressing the main challenges such as interoperability, security, and ROI concerns. Tune in to discover how these advancements are shaping the future of mobility.

Guest speaker

Gabriel Salvate is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience in business strategy and development within the Hardware, Software, and Telco industries. Known for driving sales growth and strategic planning, he has led business unit start-ups and sales teams in high-tech environments.

Episode highlights

  • Market trends and benefits

    The EV market is experiencing rapid growth, with sales projected to reach 18.5 million units in 2024. IoT-enabled charging solutions provide real-time data on station status and energy consumption, leading to improved management, optimized maintenance, and seamless user experiences, ultimately driving significant cost savings for operators.

  • Opportunities for OEMs

    OEMs have the chance to innovate by developing advanced, IoT-integrated charging solutions that offer user-friendly interfaces and standardized protocols. Additionally, they can leverage data monetization to offer value-added services like predictive maintenance and targeted advertising, enhancing their market competitiveness.

  • Overcoming challenges

    Despite the promising opportunities, OEMs face challenges such as ensuring interoperability between various systems, addressing security and privacy concerns, and achieving a favourable return on investment. Solutions like BICS’ end-to-end security, plug-and-play connectivity, and regulatory compliance support help OEMs navigate these hurdles effectively.

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